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Published at 1st of September 2020 11:45:18 PM
Chapter 1841

To tell a friend that her fiancé might run off with another woman someday on her engagement day was crass, was it not?

This was a crude joke on such an occasion .

In the first place, Jiang Li was an uncultured lady . Other than staying at home to look after her kids, the people she interacted with were usually young mothers, too . Hence, her social skills were rather lacking .

Her low EQ was well-demonstrated on this particular occasion .

True enough, Yun Shishi felt rather awkward when she heard the other’s remark!

Despite knowing that her friend meant no harm, and she was merely trying to highlight her good fortune, it did not feel good to hear that at all .

Embarrassment also flashed across Xiao Xue’s face, and she quickly tugged at her friend’s sleeve as a warning . She really did not expect her to come up with such an ill-timed joke .

That was when the woman in question realized her inappropriate joke and felt ashamed over her tactlessness .

The man, however, suddenly gave a gracious smile . ” My wife is very good . ”

Everyone looked at him with a start .

He dipped his eyes to give his woman’s profile a loving gaze . Tenderness flooded his eyes like water!

Even though he did not say anything more, the guests were hushed by his apparent show of love for her .

There was no eloquence in what he had just said, but the love hidden in his words was undeniable!

Casually, he continued, “With my wife around, no woman interests me . ”

He only had eyes for her, and so was his heart .

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Who else mattered to him?

He was not joking when he made that comment; it was truly heartfelt .

Jiang Li was so envious that her eyes hurt!

How romantic!

Recalling her husband who was like a block of wood when it came to romance—when had he ever said such romantic words to her?

Putting aside the most common utterance of ‘I love you,’ he had not even given in to her or made an attempt to coax her during any of their arguments .

She kept quiet all of a sudden .

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At this moment, she was full of self-pity .

Perhaps her friend’s happiness was too glaring for her, such that she felt so envious to the point of jealousy .

Yun Shishi smiled when she heard his casual remark .

She turned to look at him, soft in the eyes, and her lips moved . In a voice that was only audible to him, she mouthed, “My husband is also very good . Do you know that when I’m with you, I don’t envy anyone?”

Perhaps, this was what true happiness was all about .

The fact was that she had never envied anyone because she was able to hold his hand and be with him .

To her, having him was enough to make her the happiest woman in the world!

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Standing at one side, her father was so moved that his eyes turned wet with tears .

He could not contain the emotions inside him as he rubbed his eyes with his square hankie .

It might be because up until today, he still had a little doubt over the sincerity of his daughter’s husband .

Did he really love his daughter?

Were his feelings for her real?

Would his daughter really be happy with him?

These questions plagued him so much so that he could not sleep the night before the engagement .

Hearing the young man’s words now, his heart finally felt at ease .

Only a man could truly know another man . He could tell if Mu Yazhe was merely patronizing his daughter or he meant what he had said!