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Chapter 1840: 1840

Nonetheless, she thought that her child staying by her side forever was not a good thing .

Children would eventually grow up . Even though she had raised him painstakingly, she must still be happy for him and hope that there would be a considerate girl to stay by his side when he got older .

No matter how unwilling she may be to part with her son, she could not restrict him forever .

When children grew up and the daughters were ready to be married off, fathers would feel heartbroken; it was if they had just fallen out of love .

Similarly, when sons were ready to take wives, it would seem as if mothers were facing their enemies, but at the end of the day, they still wished for their sons’ happiness .

“My daughter really adores you; she kept telling me that, once she grows up, she wants to be your wife!”

Jiang Li persevered still . “Youyou, marrying my daughter is also a good thing . Think about it; in the future, you will want to have a wife . Even though you say that you want to stay with your mommy forever, when little boys grow up, they always want to get married and start a career . You may say that you don’t want it now, but who knows? When you grow up and meet someone else, you’ll likely say that you don’t want your mommy anymore! When that time comes and you have your wife, where will you have the time to care for your mommy?”

Alas, the boy gave a rascal-like response . “I won’t! Mommy is my baby; how can I ever not want her? The first expectation I have of any other woman in my life is that she must be filial to my mommy; if not, no matter how pretty she is, I’ll never want her!”

“Ha ha ha!”

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“You are so young, yet you are so filial! That’s hard to come by!”

“Yes! Kids nowadays are mostly willful! It seems that Shishi really taught Youyou well for him to be so sensible!”

“I don’t intend to marry in the future, too! I wanna spend my time with mommy until we are old! When she gets old, I’ll hold her hand and take care of her!” Little Yichen chimed in .

When the woman heard this, she felt extremely jealous!

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She thought about her spoiled daughter, who was arrogant and willful . Not only was the latter causing trouble every day and unthoughtful, she would even give unruly comments, such as ‘Mommy is so mean,”Mommy doesn’t love me at all,’ and ‘I don’t want mommy anymore!’ Comparing Qianqian to this boy before her, the woman was so envious that her eyes were ready to turn red!

Expecting better from her daughter, she said, “Shishi, let me pinch you a little! You’re truly so fortunate! If I had such obedient children like yours, I’d laugh in my dreams! My daughter only knows how to make me angry and isn’t thoughtful at all! Ah, people say that girls are more sensible than boys, but now, this concept has truly been destroyed!”

Xiao Xue joined at this point . “Best friend is truly blessed! Look; not only do you have two, adorable kids, you have such a handsome husband, too . I couldn’t even envy you even if I wanted to!”

Jiang Li jokingly said, “Do not be too complacent! You must treasure this happiness that you have! Such a handsome husband, who knows how to care and dote on you, is hard to come by! You must hold onto his heart tightly! If you don’t watch him close enough, you’ll end up crying if he’s snatched by someone else!”

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Just as she said that, a blanket of awkwardness fell onto the crowd .

Her words were really inappropriate at this time .

Even though she did not harbor ill-will and was purely kidding around, today was the couple’s engagement, after all . Making such a joke in front of all the attendees present was a little hurtful .