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Chapter 1839: 1839

His mother was so amused by him . As she was wearing a gown, she could not bend down and pick him up . She could only caress his little head and coo at him, “Auntie is just joking with you; how can I not want you? You’re this mommy’s baby—my little sweetheart—whom I dote on the most . I can never bear to throw you away!”

“Yup!” Youyou nodded his head and stuck out his tongue mischievously .

He was really good at acting adorable .

Little Yichen ridiculed him from the side . He could tell at one glance that his sibling was intentionally saying sweet stuff to gain their mother’s favor!

Jiang Li feigned grievance as she tugged on his sleeve . “Hey, don’t take it for real! Auntie is just joking, so don’t be mad, alright? Auntie here likes you a lot, and that’s why I love teasing you!”

“Alright . I won’t be angry!”

The younger boy commented inwardly, I’m not angry, but can you not pull on my sleeve? I don’t like you .

In his heart, this woman had already gained a title equivalent to ‘a child abductor’!

Children did not like adults who made such jokes .

Trading children? He did not want that!

He only had one mommy .

No one could take that away from him!

The woman looked at him and could not help but comment enviously, “Ah, Shishi, you’re truly blessed! Look at how obedient your son is; my daughter is so easily coaxed and will follow anyone blindly in exchange for a lollipop! As for you, you’ll never lose your son to a stranger! He sticks to you so much, so none will be able to lie to him and take him away!”

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“He does stick to me the most . In the past, there’s also a colleague who made such a joke . My son, who was still very young, was so frightened that he cried so badly in my arms . Everyone frantically coaxed him before he calmed down!”

His mother recalled that time when he was four years old . A colleague of hers found him adorable and wanted to carry him back to play with; thus, that person intentionally lied to him, saying that she would bring him home and take him for her son .

He was so shocked that he broke into tears . He cried until his eyes were all red and swollen, and he was utterly heartbroken .

Jiang Li probed again, “Are you willing to be my son-in-law?”


He pretended not to understand as he looked at her with wide eyes, yet a scene of Qianqian throwing a tantrum floated into his mind, and his forehead was filled with black lines .

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“I mean, are you willing to be auntie’s son-in-law and take my daughter as your wife?” She teased him .

Youyou shook his head like a rattle .

He did not want that!

That girl was arrogant, willful, and a troublemaker . He did not want to have a wife who was not adorable at all .

The female adult’s expression turned all awkward . She felt quite humiliated in front of these many people .

It felt as though the boy was dissatisfied with her daughter .

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“Erm…” She forced a smile on her face . “Why are you unwilling?”

“That’s because I’ll be with mommy forever; I don’t wanna have a wife!”

Such a response instantly thawed the tension in the air, and the guests collectively broke into laughter .

One must say that, apart from having a high IQ, this boy’s EQ was also higher than most adults .

He knew how to leave face for others . Perceiving that the woman was feeling awkward, he purposely said such childish words to tell her indirectly that he was unwilling because he wanted to be by his mommy’s side forever .

Expectedly, a pleased expression appeared on Jiang Li’s face . “This child is such an imp!”

“Ha ha! This little guy!”

Yun Shishi laughed as well; her heart was filled with warmth .