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Published at 31st of August 2020 02:35:19 PM
Chapter 1838

Little Yichen was kneeling on the floor, playing with the two fireworks sticks, when he heard the joking between the adults . He could not help but strain his ears to listen .

Jiang Li’s heart was filled with envy as she looked at the twins!

This friend of mine is truly fortunate to have such a doting husband, who is powerful and influential, and two, adorable elf-like sons who are obedient . She’s indeed a winner in life!

She was extremely envious deep down, but some people and matters were just like a dream come true .

Yun Shishi smiled as she listened to all this with captivating eyes; she could tell that her former classmate’s daughter had taken a huge liking to her son . That time that they were at Fairy Tale Valley, that lolita kept following Youyou and calling him ‘brother’ . The girl was chatty and would not stop sticking to him .

In actuality, she was more reliant on the boy .

Even though he was just seven, he was more mature and obedient than those over the age of ten . He knew how to take care of someone; thus, he gave off a very dependable aura .

When the boy was very young, she put great emphasis on manners . Therefore, under her ‘teachings’, he became very sensible and extremely gentlemanly when interacting with girls and children younger than he was . He knew how to be considerate to others .

Many children adored him, and among them, he was an extremely popular leader .

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As such, she could smile now . “Kids are kids . What do they know about romance? They don’t even understand the concept of marriage! In our children’s world, falling in love is something pure with no complexities! Even though my son is just seven, he’s always been sensible and sweet—he’s a gentleman to girls, in fact . That’s why many girls love to play with him, but my son doesn’t seem to like playing with kids his age so much . He’s always stuck to me and relied on me ever since . ”

“I love mommy the most, so of course I’ll stick to her!” declared Youyou confidently .

Hearing that, his older brother stood up with his chest puffed out and declared, “I love mommy, too!”

Jiang Li was so amused by the two boys’ innocent words . She looked at Yun Shishi with much admiration . “I’m truly envious of you! Your children are just too adorable! Why don’t I trade with you? Let Youyou be my son and Qianqian be your daughter?”

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Just as she finished saying that, and the other woman was about to respond, the boy in question hugged his mother like a koala . As if facing his mortal enemy, he shriveled his lips and uttered, “I don’t want that! I only have one mommy . ”

His mother did not know whether to laugh or cry!

It was evidently a joke meant to tease this child, yet he took it for real!

Meanwhile, her former classmate, who felt awkward at his declaration, bit her lower lip as she tried to put on a smile . Feeling slightly disappointed, she knelt and reached out in an attempt to carry the boy as she tried to get on his good side . “Youyou, can you be my godson?”

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He continued to hug his mother’s waist tightly, refusing to be held by the woman .

The woman felt awkward but still found it funny . She raised her head and looked at Yun Shishi, teasing, “Your child really sticks to you! He wouldn’t even let me hug him for a while!”

“Mommy… ”

The lad looked up at his mother piteously, acting adorable with her . “You can’t throw me away! I will only acknowledge you as my mommy and no one else! You can’t acknowledge anyone else, either . Having me is enough, okay?”