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Chapter 1837: 1837

“Thank you for your compliment . ”

She smiled, and as she held her ex-classmate’s hand, she checked her out, pursed her lips, and returned the compliment smilingly . “You look good in your dress, too!”

“I saw that there will be a bonfire party tonight for your engagement and l pestered my husband to buy me this gown! It’s the latest design from Chanel’s winter series which cost a few thousand yuan . He really felt the pinch after!”

Jiang Li smiled shyly at her compliment .

Yun Shishi: “Your husband really dotes on you . ”

“What! He got this only because I pestered him . He usually is stingy in spending that much on a piece of clothes!”

With that, she made an exaggerated gesture with one finger before sighing in resignation . “It’s a rare instance where he got a big-ticket item for me! That’s why, sometimes, I really envy you! You’re so fortunate to meet such a good man who spoils you like a princess!”

She blushed as she took a peek at Mu Yazhe, too timid to look the man-god in the eyes .

The man smiled in reply . “I only have one wife . If I don’t spoil her like a princess, she may run off in dissatisfaction with my performance!”

His humor got her laughing out loud . At the same time, she started to envy her ex-classmate’s good fortune again .

Her envy was different from the Yun sisters, though . She truly wished her friend the best of luck from the bottom of her heart!

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Thus, she praised the man, too . “Your hubby looks so handsome today! Both of you look so compatible!”

The man responded with a gracious smile . “Thank you . ”

His gentlemanly manners impressed her very much, and she could only shake her head at her shabby husband inwardly . Comparison only made one mad!

Xiao Xue chipped in, “Yo, do you know that this friend of ours was so swooned by your hubby today? Do you know that she was staring at him unblinkingly at the ceremony this afternoon; she was even drooling over him! He he!”

“Pfft!” Yun Shishi stifled a laugh . “Really?”

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Jiang Li quickly tried to stop the other from rumbling further . “Hey, stop teasing me! I wasn’t drooling, alright?! Shishi may misunderstand your words!”

“Alright! I was only kidding . She knows me well and won’t take it to heart!”

As she spoke, the other looked at the bride-to-be . “Isn’t it so, Shishi?”

“Enough of that! You are bad to tease her in this way . Our friend is easily embarrassed, so stop pulling her leg . ”

After saying that, she inquired, “Why didn’t you bring your daughter along?”

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Her former classmate furrowed her brows at the question . “The mention of this frustrates me . That little girl wanted to come along as she couldn’t forget Youyou, but she caught a high fever just prior to our departure! The temperature fluctuates between hot and cold, and she’s burning thirty-eight degrees Celsius . I had no choice but to leave her with her grandma, so I’m here alone now!”

“No worries! She can always play with my son once she gets better . ”

Jiang Li smiled and commented shyly, “That girl of mine… likes your son a lot! She kept telling me how handsome, smart, and very considerate he is . She even told me how she wants to marry your kid once they’re grownups! You see how nonsensical that child is, falling in love at such a young age!”


Standing at one side, the boy rolled his eyes helplessly .

He was not going to get married .

He wanted to keep watch over his mother for the rest of his life .