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Published at 29th of August 2020 10:40:14 PM
Chapter 1833

Perhaps, my nephew has gone to borrow money just to pull this off?

Based on his estimations, an engagement ceremony of this scale would not have been possible without at least millions of yuan!

Could it be that, just for that woman, in order to fulfill a promise, he was willing to owe an enormous debt?

He was presently in no mood to explore this thought further, however .

This engagement ceremony’s biggest incident was still that mysterious man .

Mu Shumin was completely messed up by someone during it, but in his heart, he knew that this issue had nothing to do with anyone . It was purely because of her offensive mouth .

Regarding this, his sister admittedly was neither calm nor composed in her actions . She was bombastic, especially with her words, and provoked the ire of others needlessly, easily causing much trouble with her loose tongue .

It could also be because she was a core member of the Mu Group, which put her in the position to look down on others, that she got used to trampling on others . After all, with their family’s celebrated status, one could say that they had the capital in the palm of their hands . Which other family was capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them?

Remember, though: ‘There is always a mountain higher than the other . ’

There were definitely people who were more capable than they were .

Today, his sister was literally slapped in the face with this fact .

He was not just angry as he felt that he had also lost face along with his sister .

That young chap was really too brash!

That one ‘flatten the Mu Group in one night’ remark still left fear in his heart!

Exactly what kind of monstrous strength did that guy possess to be capable of saying such words so ostentatiously?

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He thought back on when he heard the statement: ‘I want her dead! She doesn’t deserve to be alive after bullying my sister! Did you think that the Gong family could easily be bullied by anyone?! Mu family—who do you people think you are?! Just because you are from that family, you can have the world in your hands and have the right to trample on others?! I’d like to see exactly whether yours or mine is more capable!’

…Gong family?!

He was nonplussed at that time!

That guy clearly had the same features as Yun Shishi . They were blood relatives—probably siblings, and their relationship was close, so when he stated where he came from and openly challenged the Mus’ prestige, Mu Linfeng could not help suffering from a bundle of nerves .


He knew about a well-known family with that surname

The Gongs in North America were members of an enormous Chinese family . Many firearms groups were under their control . Even if he was unwilling to admit it, compared to his family, that one’s strength was more spectacular!

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His family was strong because it had deep-rooted ties, stretching over a century, to the army, but compared to that other family, the former was merely capable .

The latter was in control of the world’s conflicts . Regardless of who it was from that family, not one regarded the Mu Group with much importance .

That young man just had to say that he was a Gong .

Don’t tell me…

He’s referring to the rumored Gong family?!

Then, it meant that…

My nephew’s wife and that family have connections?!

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He was instantly feeling restless .

It was not good news for them if they had unknowingly offended that particular household!

“Who is that guy?!” He questioned Mu Yazhe now .

“Who’re you talking about?”

“That one who had your aunt be beaten into a bloody pulp . Who else could I be talking about?!”

Mu Linfeng paused for a moment before following up with another question . “Exactly what kind of relationship does he have with your woman?”