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Published at 29th of August 2020 02:15:09 AM
Chapter 1832: 1832

At that time, he did not give much thought to this matter . His nephew, to him, was merely arrogant and headstrong; the latter would be unable to follow through a grand event like an engagement, much less a wedding, without money from his family!

Only when the two elders arrived at the scene did they find out that his nephew’s rebuff was real . Both were so incensed that they almost spurted out blood!

Without touching any of their family’s assets, the young chap had an engagement, which was every bit grand, impressive, and sensational!

How did my nephew accomplish it? How did he pull off such grandeur, even managing to invite so many luminaries? His engagement was even more extravagant than the weddings of some elites, so how did he do it?!

His heart grew suspicious!

In reality, he was getting on in years and was no longer in possession of the vigor or the commanding presence he once had in his youth; that did not mean that he was dumb, though .

All these years, while Mu Yazhe was hard at work on building his empire, he had managed to keep his personal ambitions under wraps . Although he was able to bluff everyone in the Mu household, this did not mean that his uncle was equally blind .

The elder long had his suspicion .

At this moment, the chap’s empire might be unable to rival his family’s, but he was young and capable . With plans he devised for himself, his business would be able to overtake the Mu Group in just a few years!

Besides, over the last few years, he had slowly been siphoning his main dealings to his undertakings . Many resources under the Mu Group were transferred to his name as well .

His uncle could vaguely tell that the chap was plotting something for himself; however, he could not find proof of that .

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Furthermore, he was kept busy by their family’s affairs, big and small, every day . His energy could hardly keep up with the daily affairs; hence, he decided to close one eye . As long as the young chap kept to his limits, he would pretend not to know .

More importantly, he could not find any fishy dealings .

One must admit that the young man was very meticulous in this regard; thus, he was able to bluff his way through his uncle with a sharp mind .

As a result, although the old man had his suspicion, he had no concrete proof .

The engagement ceremony today had piqued his suspicion further .

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He was originally here to turn the young man into a laughingstock, only to be slapped in the face by reality in the end . Right now, he could almost feel the side of his cheek stinging from shame .

His nephew had upped the game with his engagement ceremony today!

He had yet to see an engagement on such a grand scale . To date, perhaps only the sensational wedding of the English royal family, which was the talk of the town, could be compared .

However, that was a wedding, whereas his nephew’s was an engagement; hence, these two could not be compared apple-to-apple .

Who knows? The chap may pull off a wedding of the century—something grander than this engagement—next!

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Looking at his character, this is a likely possibility!

Now, the old man was even more puzzled . He did not know how his nephew came up with such power and influence for all these .

Perhaps, my nephew has gone to borrow money just to pull this off?