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Chapter 1831: 1831

In his impression, his chief had always been indifferent toward sex, so he did not expect him to turn out to be a man show, instead .

His chief might appear aloof and dull, but in reality, he was actually…


I can imagine!

Jiang Shen pushed the thoughts aside and approached the man to whisper a few words in his ear .

Mu Yazhe nodded as he listened; his thin lips pursed in slight tension .

There was a medical center inside the castle, which was set up for emergencies .

He included this facility during his planning to prepare for any mishaps, though he did not expect the medical team to be required in the end!

At this point, Mu Linfeng was in a foul mood!

By the time his nephew reached the medical center, his aunt was already in terrible shape . Her face was badly bashed up, with swollen bruises all over . Furthermore, a few stitches were required at the corner of her eye and lips . While the wounds might heal, there would likely be scarring and she would be disfigured!

He was told that she suffered a few broken ribs, and her nose bridge was not spared, either .

Gong Jie’s man was heavy-handed when he attacked her; the motive to finish her off was evident from the injuries she suffered .

Her nephew had the ability to stop the attacker, but he did not do so .

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On the other hand, she only had herself to blame for ending up in such a state .  Who told her to offend someone whom she shouldn’t? Now, who else can she blame this on?

When the middle-aged man saw his nephew, his agitation was further aggravated . Already, he was feeling very frustrated, with his thoughts and emotions in a mess . His pride was provoked by his nephew’s detached and aloof demeanor!

“You still have the cheek to appear here?!”

The young man sniggered and rebutted unsparingly, “In the first place, I don’t wish to come over . Who wants to come to a sick bay on their engagement day? It’s bad luck!”


The old man was rendered speechless with anger . He looked absolutely upset as he drew in a sharp, deep breath, but soon, he broke into a scorning grin!

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“He he! Very well! You rascal, why didn’t I realize before how obnoxious you are?!”

Together with his sister, their original intention for coming to this party was to mock this nephew!

He merely laughed it off when he was told that his nephew would be holding his engagement ceremony on an island . His attitude was contemptuous when he first caught wind of it!

That young chap disregarded what I told him, huh . It looks like he is out to revolt by secretly using our family’s money for his engagement! Did he think that he could fool us?

He, thus, instructed his sister to go through the accounts to see how much had been siphoned by his nephew, only to realize that it was a big mistake!

As per the accounting sheet, no money had been touched for dubious reasons; all transactions were business as usual . Both elders were astounded to find out that the man had really not touched a cent from the Mus for his grand affair!

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The man issued an instruction to his nephew out of anger at first; the latter could not use any money from their family for his wedding .

His nephew agreed readily and, in fact, looked rather defiant when he said that .

He thought that it was an empty promise—words that escaped the young man’s mouth without due consideration .  What could he possibly accomplish without his family?

The elder, hence, did not take the young chap’s words to heart . Inwardly, he deemed his nephew to be nothing sans the Mus’ support .