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Published at 29th of August 2020 12:00:18 AM
Chapter 1830

The man seemed bent on teasing her; hence, despite her scalding, red face, he continued . “Then, what do you mean?! Aren’t you worried that someone may disturb us in our act if the door isn’t locked?”

She was almost shamed to death by him . Pushing his shoulder, she could only glare angrily at him when words seemed to fail her!

“Well, you can continue to bully me in this way! What to do when I’ve entrusted my entire life in your hands now!”

Her coquettish reply held a hint of contented smile .

This man was out to tease her, but she could do nothing to stop him . Even though she knew very well that he was using her for self-entertainment, she could only let him do as he wished because she was too easy to shame .

He hugged her and said smilingly, “What d’you mean by entrusting your life into my hands? You sounded resigned when you said that!”

“Well, isn’t it the truth?!” she exclaimed coyly .

“Alright; whatever you say!”

Putting aside their petty argument, he cajoled the woman as he embraced her .

He then got off the bed and walked to the door to lock it .

It was only when the door was locked that she could relax wholly . Without it being locked, she did not feel safe and secured .

As he turned around, the suit slipped off his torso and dropped to the ground . His impeccable, godlike body was instantly exposed in thin air in its full glory .

That did not embarrass him the slightest, though, and he merely stepped forward sans any qualms .

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Her gaze fell on his body with a proportion that could rival any international model . The man with his sexy abs and Apollo’s belt, as well as his sturdy and strong biceps, was exuding suffocating and seductive, muscular charms .

As she looked at him, her face turned beet-red!

Although they had been intimate countless times, she would still blush whenever she saw his naked body!

He saw her doe eyes staring at his body furtively, and his lips curled into a mischievous grin .

“Have you seen enough?”

Startled, she regained her composure and found herself staring into his teasing eyes .

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“You…” she said with a pout, “should wear your clothes!”

“Wear my clothes?” He sniggered playfully . “And here I thought that you like seeing me naked, considering that you’ve been staring at my body for the longest time; I truly thought that you enjoyed the view . ”

“Mu Yazhe!”

He was teasing her again!

Her anger quickly turned into laughter .

He walked up to her and held her tightly . At this moment, he only yearned for their time together—no matter how short it was .

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After fooling around on bed again and he had thoroughly exhausted her, she finally fell asleep in his arms .

Seeing how tired she was, he decided to take his leave . The man covered her with a quilt, kissed her on her forehead, and left the room .

By now, it was close to evening .

When he stepped out of the room, Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen were already waiting for him at the door . Looking at how sprightly he was in his smart attire, they could immediately detect the slight shift in his demeanor sans a word!

Their brotherhood was strong enough for them to catch this change in their chief . They knew at once that the couple had a raunchy time in their room earlier!

The two exchanged gazes with knowing smiles . In this regard, their chief was probably more risqué than he looked!