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Chapter 1829: 1829

Footsteps sounded from outside the door out of the blue .

Suddenly alert, the man gave a frown .

A series of knocking was heard at the door . Soon after, Little Yichen’s voice reached their ears from the other side .

“Daddy, mommy, are you in there?”

The woman heard her son’s voice, and shock rudely awakened her from drowsiness .

Before they could react, the sound of the door being opened echoed about . Hearing no reply, the boy had taken the initiative to walk into the room from outside openly!

“Daddy, mommy?”

Sounding a little desperate and lost, the little lad walked through the door .

When she heard her son walking into the room, she almost let loose an exclamation of fear!

Oh, my gosh!

Why isn’t the door locked?!

The man, on the other hand, remained calm and composed . He quickly drew the quilt over her body, while he casually and elegantly pulled his suit over his torso as a way of ‘masking’!

He remained calm and alert, expecting the worst, not knowing that his son had no intention of venturing further into the room .

The room was divided into two sections .

The cloakroom and hall were joined as a section, whereas the bedroom was a separate section . These two sections were divided by an arch corridor, with the bedroom furthest away from the main entrance .

Hence, when the boy walked into the hall and did not find anyone around after making a round, he decided to leave .

This simple-minded boy did not realize that his parents were having hanky-panky at the back of the room!

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Having been brought up to mind his manners, he did not explore the place further .

After all, he had been taught that it was improper to enter anyone’s bedroom without permission .

Hence, he did not venture further into the bedroom . Once he realized that no one was around in the hall, he left the place and closed the door behind him .

The woman’s heart finally resumed normalcy after the false alarm!

The scare had made her break out in a cold sweat!

Dipping his head to look at her, he could not help mocking her for the fretful expression . Pinching her cheek, he asked, “Were you scared stiff? What a coward!”


She glared at him petulantly .

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Does he still have the cheek to mock me?!

Rendered speechless for a moment, she knocked him at his shoulder and cried coquettishly, “Why didn’t you lock the door when you came in?!”

“I forgot!”

When he opened the door and saw her, he was too mesmerized to remember such mundane stuff .

All he could do was stare at her with her back to him!

Nothing else mattered .


She did not know whether to cry or laugh at that . “If our child walked in and caught us looking like this, do you know how embarrassing it would be?”

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His casual excuse had resulted in a big scare for her .

He was not in the least bothered . “No worries! He doesn’t understand what this is . ”

Yun Shishi: “…”

He knew that that son of his was totally ignorant about romantic relationships . If he entered and saw them, he probably would turn red in the face, though having no clue as to what they were doing!

She did not know what else to say!

She prompted him . “Go and lock the door!”

He gave a teasing grin and caressed her cheek . “Lock the door? Why? Are you thinking… of continuing?”

She turned defensive immediately . “That’s not what I mean!”