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Chapter 1824

He cast him a sidelong glance full of thoughtfulness . Covering his mouth, he proceeded to snigger . “Is uncle… perhaps a pure and innocent virgin?”

A ruddy flush appeared on Gong Jie’s handsome face . He furrowed his eyebrows, feigning calmness, yet his body remained truthful with the telltale sign of red on the tips of his ears .

Youyou formed an ‘O’ shape with his mouth as his face lit up in glee . “No wonder! Uncle is actually a virgin!”

He tried to remain stern as he stared at the giggling boy threateningly . “You’re not allowed to laugh!”


“You…” He was furious . “Nephew, are you looking down on your uncle right now?”

“Of course!”

“Uncle is already twenty-four, but you probably haven’t even touched a woman’s finger!”

“Not exactly .

“In the past, I was drugged by a lady while I was at a gathering . I almost fell prey to her,” he recounted indignantly .

Noting that there was gossip he could dig out from the man, the lad’s eyes lit up . He drew close to him and asked curiously, “What happened after that?”

“I crippled one of her hands . ”

The boy was stunned .

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So violent?

This was definitely his style!

“How… did you settle it?”

His uncle cleared his throat awkwardly and coughed several times before answering unexpectedly, “I kept it in cold water the whole night . ”

He was tongue-tied .

“Uncle, why are you so harsh with yourself?”

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The man held his forehead .

His nephew smiled as he continued, “Women are enchanting little creatures! To me, mommy was two different persons before and after she fell in love! In the past, she was the ideal career woman . She loved to bear all the responsibility alone, assuming that she’s indestructible and could take all upon herself, but after getting into a relationship, she became a clingy mommy in a flash . Daddy spoiled her into a little princess . I only realized after seeing her in a relationship that she could be so adorable when she acted coy! Women need to be pampered more . Of course, on this point, some single dogs who have never been in love before won’t understand!”

Once more, Gong Jie felt attacked .

Amused by Youyou’s serious and innocent expression, he could not help reaching out and pinching his cheek lovingly . “Little nephew, why are you so adorable? You’re so smart!”

Just then, his phone rang .

He looked at the screen . Realizing that it was his sister calling him, he exchanged glances with his nephew .

The boy gave his uncle a look before the latter picked up the call . “Sis…”

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“Xiao Jie…”

Yun Shishi’s helpless and guilty voice could be heard from the other end . “Earlier… I shouldn’t have been so fierce with you! Sis was wrong; I didn’t mean to…”

Her voice sounded helpless and weak . After she calmed down, she realized that her tone had been very hurtful . Feeling extremely guilty about it, she decided to call and apologize .

“I was a little too sensitive… You probably have your reasons for hiding the truth from me, but in my eyes, you will always be my innocent and adorable brother! Whatever I said then was due to anger . I didn’t mean any of it… so please don’t take my words to heart!”

Hearing that, the man smiled gently . His heart felt soft .

He replied slowly, “Sis, I should be the one saying sorry . Perhaps my actions have been too extreme… It was a rash act on my part because I just couldn’t stand anyone bullying you . ”