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Chapter 1818: 1818

Right now, she was only concerned about how her husband’s aunt might really lose her life like this!

Even though she hated her, today was supposed to be her happiest day .

She did not want there to be bloodshed because of her .

If they were to part unhappily because of this, she would be beyond upset .

Therefore, she begged, “Xiao Jie, listen to me, okay? At least, don’t do it here! Today is my engagement, so please don’t cause such a scene! Stop before it goes too far! Alright?”

Hearing this, her brother furrowed his eyebrows but did not object . He took in a breath of cold air and opened his eyes . With a piercing gaze, he commanded, “Stop!”

The moment he uttered those words, He Ba ceased his actions and retreated to stand behind him, ready to fulfill his orders at any time .

“You were too harsh! What if she died?” He reprimanded his lackey impatiently .

The latter was bewildered .

Did his boss not ask him to be especially brutal earlier?

“Today is my sister’s important day; if someone dies because of you and you get blood on your hands, how unlucky will that be?” The man continued his berating .

Whatever his sister said was it .

Originally, such a woman dying would not matter, but hearing how his sister did not want anyone to lose their lives on such an important day in her life, he readily changed his stance and stood on her side .

The corners of Mu Yazhe’s lips twitched hard .

This guy was no typical person…

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When he was in front of his subordinates, he was like Satan, but in front of his sister, he was simply an angel .

Earlier, he maliciously wanted Mu Shumin’s life, but the moment his sister opened her mouth, he became an adorable angel, fluttering his wings around her .

Mu Linfeng walked to his sibling, only to see that she was lying unconsciously with her face down on the ground .

He flipped her over strenuously and saw that her eyes had rolled up as her face was covered with fresh blood . Her body was completely limp, especially her two arms which were extremely coiled . Her entire body was twisted in a terrifying manner; it was as if she had suffered a serious bone fracture .

It was too brutal a sight .

It was not easy for her to remain alive even now!

His head was in a mess . Therefore, he did not care much about anything else and just yelled for someone to carry his sister to the infirmary on the island .

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As he was sending her off, he glared at the young chap with guarded eyes which were full of enmity .

The latter was a horrifying existence in this world!

He coldly snorted before hurriedly leaving .

His nephew commanded some people to wipe clean the mess on the floor .

Seeing that the person was being taken away, Yun Shishi’s brother was a little unhappy!

Therefore, he consoled, “Sis, don’t let her spoil your mood; I’ve already retaliated against her for bullying you! With the lesson she received today, she would never let you go through such grievances again—”

“Don’t you think you’ve gone overboard?”

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She interrupted him .

Stunned, he looked at her with a face full of hurt . “I… When was I overboard?”

“Since when did you become so violent?” His sister examined him sadly . The woman could not help feeling that her earlier accidental glimpse of his terrifying demeanor made him seem like a stranger to her!

His eyes widened at that, asking while feeling extremely wronged, “Sis… how could you say that? When was I violent?”

“How could you say that you’re not violent when you almost beat her to death?”