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Chapter 1817

Since someone was willing to hit her for him now, why would he go against it?

As a nephew, he could not be rude to his aunt, or it would be considered as offending his superiors, but since it was his wife’s brother taking action, it was still deemed as standing up for his woman .

Even if his wife’s brother did not retaliate this time, he would still secretly let this aunt of his have a taste of suffering!

“Stop it! Stop hitting her!”

His uncle stomped his feet angrily at the side .

Unfortunately for him, Gong Jie remained expressionless as he hugged his sister’s shoulders and watched Mu Shumin, who continued to be beaten on the floor, with a face devoid of any signs of stopping .

It was as if only by doing this could he get rid of his unhappiness!

He Ba was one of the best fighters he had . As a well-known mercenary in Mercenary Paradise, his experience was naturally abundant . He had fought in wars for over a decade and received countless baptisms by fire to the point of acquiring steel for bones . Even though fresh blood was flowing through his body, it seemed more like molten iron fluid, instead .

His punch may look effortless, but she was close to falling apart with those few slaps to the face!

This middle-aged woman now sported a bloody nose and a swollen face, but despite that, the young chap did not command for the beating to stop!

He resolved to have this woman be beaten to death for offending his sister!

He may be like a gentle lamb with no temper before his sister, but he was a brutal man in the eyes of his subordinates .

Why did he have to be so merciless?

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It could be said that he was an extremely vicious figure despite his young age . Those who challenged his patience would end up in dire straits!

Yun Shishi watched this scene play out before her in alarm . Though she hated this woman for speaking insensitively from the bottom of her heart, she still felt that her brother was being too brutal with her!

She could not watch this anymore!

This was absolutely no joke!

If this continued, even if the woman did not lose her life, she would probably get a few broken ribs .

The current atmosphere was too strange, nonetheless .

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Her husband’s expression was indifferent, while her brother’s gaze was cold . There was even an icy smile hanging on the latter’s lips .

Therefore, she spoke out of fear, “Xiao Jie, stop it; if this continues, she’ll die!”

“Sis, don’t speak up for her! Did you forget what she had said about you earlier?”

“This woman dared to humiliate you! I won’t let her off because of that!” he said expressionlessly .

Mu Linfeng yelled with towering rage, “You sure are arrogant! Do you know who we are?! How dare you touch the Mu family?! Do you know what shameful actions you have committed?! If you continue hitting her, you’ll be beating someone to death! How dare you?!”

The young chap looked at the older man icily as he responded in a casual tone, “I want her dead! She doesn’t deserve to be alive after bullying my sister! Did you think that the Gong family could easily be bullied by anyone?! Mu family—who do you people think you are?! Just because you are from that family, you can have the world in your hands and have the right to trample on others?! I really wanna see whether yours or mine is more capable!”

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When the former said that, the latter looked at him in utter disbelief and shock .

“Gong family?!”

What did this man say earlier?!

That family?!

Could he be… a Gong?!

The young chap’s sister did not understand what he was talking about . What about the Gongs and the Mus? She did not care about that at all!