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Chapter 1816: 1816

“Who else?!” The middle-aged woman laughed coldly, her words dripping with poison . “Tell your sister to stop with her delusions! Don’t even think that she could really become our family’s young mistress just because she managed to curry favor from us!”

Yun Shishi balled her hands into tight fists as she was rendered speechless from anger .

Gong Jie held her with heartache, his expression icy . He raised his gaze, which was glinting murderously, and spat, “He Ba, shut her up!”

His fully armed personnel behind him strode forward and closed in on the elderly woman .

Mu Shumin looked at the approaching man and panicked at the sight of his complete gear .

“W-What are you doing?!” Just as she uttered this question, she only caught a flashing shadow before the man was upon her like a wraith and grabbing her jaw . She had no time to react when he gave it a hard twist, and all everyone could hear was the sickening sound of it getting dislocated .

The enormous pain caused her to break out in a cold sweat . She cradled her jaw and tried to speak, but as it was now dislocated, she could not utter anything coherent!

That man used his backhand and delivered a burning slap across her face, which left her completely dazed!

She was previously in the army for three years and had the agility which surpassed ordinary people .

Despite that, this guy’s fighting capability remained horrifying to her!

She could not even figure out how he did it, but all she felt was her vision spinning, and in the next second, she was on the floor in a sorry state .

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That slap almost perforated her eardrum, and her ears buzzed dizzyingly . Her vision had become hazy, and her brain was shaken!

Yun Shishi was speechless as she looked at her brother in astonishment .

Mu Yazhe’s expression shifted a little, but he still did not say a word .

In actuality, if his wife’s brother had not lashed out, he would have .

This aunt of his was truly impudent!

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His uncle, meanwhile, was appalled to witness this and yelled furiously, “Stop it!”

“Continue with the hitting!” The young chap held his sister as he gave this order airily .

The older man wanted to stop him but was pushed aside by the latter .

The middle-aged woman was weeping from pain . In the next moment, she could feel herself being lifted by the collar of her shirt . She was then slapped repeatedly to the point that she could not even voice her suffering . This was simply a horrendous sight!

Even though a man hitting a woman was an awfully tasteless demeanor, for a hired soldier, such a saying meant nothing!

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He was only fulfilling his orders . Whatever their employer said, they must do it . Objection was forbidden, and every action was carried out in the best manner .

Mu Linfeng stood anxiously at the side, feeling livid as he bore witness to this . He turned to see his nephew watching this scene with a cold and detached face, full of loathing .

“Are you just gonna stand there and watch your aunt get humiliated?!”

He glared at his nephew, his voice trembling violently .

The latter smiled coldly . This was the one time that he and his wife’s brother were on the same page .

“What are you saying, uncle? Aunt’s mouth indeed needs to be taught a lesson! Since that’s the case, it’s good that she’s being disciplined . If not, she’ll continue being boastful and arrogant!”

His aunt was proud because she had been spoiled since young . She was famous for being too frank and outspoken . Whatever she thought of, she would say it, and her words were always harsh and brutal .