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Published at 23rd of August 2020 10:30:09 PM
Chapter 1815

“She isn’t just your fiancée—she’s also my sister! She is my most important relative; I’ve warned you before: If my sister ever suffers even a tinge of grievance because of you, I will flatten the Mu Group in one night!”

The two men, who were originally keeping their anger in check, were now unleashing their rage without restraint!

There was a spark as they faced off against each other; the atmosphere turned cold in an instant .

Gong Jie smirked, tightening his grip on his sister’s hand as he said disdainfully, “Plus, this is just an engagement; she’s not your lawful wife yet!”

Yun Shishi glanced at her brother before looking at her husband . Vexed, she bit her lower lip and moved to say something but her brother interrupted her in his low voice, “Sis, you don’t have to speak!”

“Xiao Jie…”

“Shh!” He shushed her with his finger, signaling her not to make a sound . “Sorry, sis . I can curb myself when it is about anything else but not this!”


“Listen! Just hearing that statement ‘a wild sow with dubious background’ from them, I can’t just sit around and do nothing!”

With that, he looked at Mu Linfeng with eyes full of hostility .

The latter was flabbergasted by the insolent words he had just uttered!

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“Flatten the Mu Group in one night?!” Mu Shumin repeated those words as if they were laughable . She then let out an unexpected jeer . “Fella, not only are you hot-headed, you sure can speak with a bold tongue! What kind of methods do you have to flatten our family?”

Her older brother was stunned into silence, meanwhile .

Why was it that he could feel that this young man’s words were not just conceited nonsense?

He glanced at the young man and gradually started to realize that, though the latter looked young and egotistical, he had an extraordinary aura . He did not seem to be someone with a simple status .

It was because of the look in the latter’s eyes!

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It was an arrogant gaze which only haughty kings would have, for they considered themselves unparalleled in this world . It was as if he could have the entire world under his feet if he wanted!

Gong Jie snorted coldly as he mocked, “Please remember that my sister is nobler than you are . As for a woman like you, you’re not worth claiming any connections to my sister!”

The middle-aged woman was furious; her eyes showed cynicism .

“‘Not worth’?! Who do you think your sister is?! She’s just a lowly commoner who thinks that she can rapidly ascend in social status while enjoying a life of splendor by marrying into our family; isn’t it so?! Well, she can dream on!”

“Shut up! You are in no place to speak; get lost!” spat Mu Yazhe coldly .

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His aunt looked at him in disbelief . She could no longer take it . “What did you say?! Did you just tell me to get lost?! You’re obsessed with her, aren’t you?! This woman sure has a way with you . I have no idea what kind of bewitching spell she’s placed on you to keep you so captivated! How dare you help an outsider?! I’m your aunt, yet you dared to utter such disgraceful words to me?! You’re willing to speak so rudely to me for an outsider who holds unfathomable motives?! Such impudence!”

He replied icily, “Exactly who is being rude here?! Shishi is my fiancée and, in the future, my only wife . Please be more respectful toward her!”

Just as his aunt was about to say more, Gong Jie raised his jaw and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Who did you just call a commoner?”