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Published at 21st of August 2020 11:00:09 PM
Chapter 1810: 1810

He turned around, lifted his wrist holding a cocktail glass, and splashed the red wine on her face .


The stunned woman only realized what the man had done to her after her attention shifted back to present at that odd sound!

The red wine, which was splashed on her face, now dripped down her cheeks; even her hair and dress were not spared . She was extremely humiliated as she perceived the eyes on her .

His crisp and frigid orbs fell on her, and in his deep, low voice, he told her off without any emotions .

“Don’t use your dirty hand to touch me, understand?”

She opened and closed her mouth as she looked at the man whose expression was icy . Shame set in after a brief moment of sad disappointment .

“I-I have no other intention except—”

He cut her off in his impatience . “I have no other intention as well, except for finding you irritating, so please keep your distance from me . ”

She stood rooted to the spot with great embarrassment from that .

The guests were all glancing her way . She became the center of the buzz all of a sudden .

Yun Shishi heard the commotion and quickly came over to look; her hand was still holding her gown’s trailing hemline . She was taken aback by the awkward scene set before her .

“Xiao Jie, what happened?”

The man saw her and a gentle expression immediately overtook the frosty look on his face . “Sis!”

“This… what happened to her?”

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The bride-to-be was lost and puzzled to see the woman looking shame-faced and awkward while standing amidst the crowd .

“Nothing much! She just used her dirty hand to touch me, which was annoying!” His voice turned chilly as he spoke . “If not for today being an important one to you, her hand wouldn’t survive . ”

His volume was not loud, but Yun Qingmiao could vividly make out what he had just said!

His words sent a chill down her spine!

He was not exaggerating .

There was once a woman who had tried to spike his drink at a private gathering . Her plot was subsequently discovered and her hand was chopped off right on the spot .

He might look meek and nice from a distance, but his gentleness was only reserved for his sister .

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Other than her, he was aloof from the rest of the opposite sex .

This woman had truly gotten a taste of his callousness at this moment!

Feeling extremely embarrassed and aggrieved, she covered her face with great shame and left in a great hurry .

Frowning, his sister did not know what to say .

When he saw her furrowed brows, the man suddenly asked anxiously, “Sis, are you upset with me?”

“Why do you think so?”

“‘Coz you don’t look good now . ”

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“I’m not angry . ” She smiled resignedly . “But you need not be bothered with some people!”

Feeling somewhat guilty, he apologized, “Sorry! I’ll be more restrained in the future . ”

His sister replied smilingly, “Good boy!”

She stroked his head with loving tenderness in her eyes .

Yun Qingmiao returned to her room; her sister, who quickly followed suit, saw her sobbing in a corner .

“Sis, why are you crying?”

Yun Qinli walked over to her sibling who was crying her heart out . A callous glint flashed across her eyes momentarily and she consoled impatiently, “Alright; stop crying! It’s no big issue, you didn’t have—”