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Published at 21st of August 2020 11:00:16 PM
Chapter 1809

Tapping his shoulders, Lu Jinyu told him, “See; giving a red packet may be old-fashioned, but sister-in-law likes it!”

The rest of the brotherhood clamored to give red packets, which tickled Yun Shishi to no end .

The feast was served soon .

Holding the plates in their hands, the guests mingled at the buffet tables . The two Yun sisters busily looked around and eventually spotted Gong Jie at one of the buffet tables with his back against them .

They exchanged glances, and the younger one urged, “Sis, go and find out his name!”

“Why must it be me?”

“Well, you look pretty today! Men can’t resist pretty ladies, naturally!” reasoned the younger sister .

The older sister was secretly pleased to hear that . Subconsciously, she checked her hairdo in the mirror before sashaying her way to the young man .

The guy scanned the huge buffet spread before him with a plate in his hand . In the end, he stopped at the desserts’ section .

Just like his sister, he had a sweet tooth . Hence, desserts were irresistible to him!

He had just reached out when a lady’s hand, on the right, touched him from nowhere .

There was a violent reaction from him, and he retrieved his hand immediately; at the same time, his brows furrowed in grave displeasure .

He had a serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder where he forbid anyone from touching him . If really necessary, he would wear gloves first before touching .

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Other than his loved ones, he did not allow anyone to have skin contact with him .

Hence, he looked to his right with great displeasure .

Yun Qingmiao was standing at one side, looking shy and awkward . Not knowing what to do, she apologized regretfully, “Sorry… I-I didn’t mean it . ”

He remained cold and aloof as he sized her up from top to bottom . His icy glare only got her more desperate .

“I… I wanted to try this dessert as well!” She forced a smile and fumbled for a logical explanation .

Unfortunately, he was no ordinary man and could instantly pick up on her vibes with his sharp senses . This woman was trying to seduce him with her irritating tactic .

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There was no lack of such women around him . With his good looks, extraordinary presence, and lofty status as one of the candidates to inherit the Gong empire, there were too many ladies trying to get close to him; they even went to the extent of using underhanded means . He had seen enough of these .

Alas, no woman had ever succeeded in catching his interest .

Unless there was a biological need, women were unnecessary in his life .

He did not need love .

Hence, unless there was a dire need, he would keep his distance from all women .

This woman next to him now watched his frosty demeanor while feeling utterly embarrassed .

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This man was difficult to get close to .

He was detached and cold; his eyes, especially, were so sharp and icy that they seemed to pierce right through her with no mercy .

Expressionlessly, the man turned away with apparent disregard .

His dismissal of her felt so insulting that she decided to try her luck again . Biting her lower lip, she reached out to tug lightly at his sleeve .

This action thoroughly antagonized him .