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Published at 21st of August 2020 11:00:19 PM
Chapter 1808

Mu Yazhe held her waist openly in front of everyone . Amid all their blessings, he placed a deep, loving kiss on her delicate lips .

It was a poignant moment on stage . When both kissed, the crowd broke into thunderous applause!

It was only a gentle kiss—not overdoing it at all!

With that, the engagement ceremony was considered complete!

The twins walked down the stage . As the older of the two turned to watch the happiness radiating from his parents, he was so incredibly happy that he was ready to fly!

Distracted, he bumped into a person .

His body went unstable and was about to fall back; luckily, the other party reached out in time and managed to rescue his body from meeting the ground!

“Thank you… eh?!”

He was just about to thank the person but discovered that it was Gong Jie in his white trench coat, staring at him emotionlessly, who had helped him .

Youyou stood at his side and looked at him in disdain . “Dummy, how could you bump into someone just by walking?”

“I was looking at daddy and mommy!”

Their uncle suddenly bent down at the boy’s eye level with interest, the corners of his lips curving up into a rare, serene smile .

He had the same intimidating height as their father . He also possessed a naturally kingly aura . With him crouching, it made people feel as if he were lowering his status in submission!

“What’s your name?”

When the older boy heard his question, he smiled with confidence . Clearly, he had inherited his father’s arrogant demeanor . “I am Mu Yichen . ”

“Do you know who I am?” The adult tried teasing him .

The boy tilted his head and smiled . “I do!”

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“You are mommy’s little brother, so I should be calling you uncle!”

With that, he crossed his arms behind his back and said obediently, “Uncle!”

“You’re so obedient!” was his uncle’s amused reply .

He only responded with: “Since I’ve just called you uncle, shouldn’t you be giving me a big, fat red packet?”


The man was speechless in shock . “…”

He turned, locked eyes with the other lad, and asked curiously with a raised brow, “Is there such a saying?”

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The latter remained silent before replying, “Yup! Uncle, you should just follow the customs and give him a red packet!”

Gong Jie: “…”

Thereafter, the couple on stage headed down and began receiving blessings from their guests .

Very quickly, Jiang Shen’s gift was presented to the awed guests .

It was a nine-tier fondant cake . Atop it were two exquisitely carved figures resembling the couple . The entire cake was exquisite with its adornments of beautiful piped flowers and rich color schemes . One look, and anyone would drool with the desire to eat it .

It seemed that the cake was done by a baking master and shipped over via plane .

He asked in a flattering manner, “Sis-in-law, do you like my gift to you?”

Yun Shishi smiled and nodded her head . “I like it!”

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The guy was overjoyed, his face shining brightly .

Suddenly, she faintly added, “But it still can’t beat Jinyu’s . ”

Jiang Shen: “…”

Lu Jinyu was instantly satisfied .

Jiang Shen said tearfully, “Sis-in-law… I’ll wrap a big red packet for you later!”

He covered his face sadly .