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Published at 16th of August 2020 11:10:09 PM
Chapter 1794

Her shock at receiving such a priceless gift rendered her speechless .

She reached out and gently stroked the surface of the diamond .

She could tell that it had been processed not long ago as the cut surfaces felt a little blunt to the touch .

Yun Shishi was moved beyond words!

She had no clue where this diamond had come from, too!

“Do you like it?”

Gong Jie nervously examined her face for clues of her feelings, afraid that she would answer him with a ‘no’ . Should that happen, he would truly be at a loss!

This gift was one of their family’s collectibles .

Back when his father was selling firearms in the Middle East, a buyer from a local terrorist group could not fork out enough money and gave him a blood diamond as payment, instead .

That terrorist leader had no eye for treasures, but it did not mean the same for the arms magnate .

No normal diamonds could be comparable to this particular one .

When the man brought it home, he carefully kept it as his prized treasure .

This rare find was actually four carats in size, but after cutting and polishing it to shape, it was reduced to only three carats .

There was no other four-carat diamond in the world . Even if there was, it had yet to appear .

Thus, before the second one appeared, right now, this blood diamond on her hand was truly the king of diamonds!

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The man had secretly taken this carefully kept diamond from his father’s treasure trove and ordered a jewelry designer to work on it overnight before finally using fresh rose petals to decorate the diamond and making it into a corsage on his rush to the engagement venue . It was all for the sake of personally putting this corsage on his sister’s wrist .

The woman was truly moved beyond words!

Just by looking at the shape of this diamond, she could tell that her brother had exhausted much effort in obtaining and refining this thing!

“I love it!”

She nodded in unadulterated satisfaction, her face truly showing her fondness for it .

Her head lifted as she smilingly said, “Actually, your attendance is the best gift to me! Nothing else is more important than your presence here!”

“I couldn’t miss your engagement, could I?! Not only that; I won’t miss any other important day in your life!” he solemnly promised . His face, lacking any frivolity, was brimming with much sincerity!

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“I came with another purpose as well!”

As he spoke, his gaze turned cold as he turned it onto the man behind her .

His eyes no longer held the tenderness he had when facing his sister; rather, they had a chilling yet penetrating gleam which shot right to the heart .

Mu Yazhe met his stare straight on without any intentions of backing down .

Like a war without smoke, invisible sparks seemed to fly in the air from the collision of their stares .

Right now, the stare down between the two men was more like a duel between kings!

Their eyes met, but it seemed more like a confrontation of their strong opposing presences, locked in a tremendous battle .

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Eventually, Gong Jie took the lead to smile at him and break this strange silence between them .

“Yo, do you know who I am?”

“If I’m not mistaken…”

The man’s voice halted slightly, though his eyes remained as aloof as ever . “Hurricane Group!”

The Mus and Hurricane Group had had many brushes with each other because of their conflicts of interest on certain matters . Hence, despite him not knowing the background of this new arrival before him, he was very familiar with the family emblem on the armband of the latter’s trench coat .