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Published at 16th of August 2020 11:10:11 PM
Chapter 1793

As he spoke, he gently scooped her face in his hands and whispered coaxingly, “So, don’t cry, alright? My dear sister, you’re prettiest when you’re smiling! On such an important day and in front of these many people, it’s not good to have snot coming from your nose!”

A handsome man of twenty-four actually tried his best to act cute in front of her and make her laugh . A chortle escaped her mouth right away before she lightly dabbed away the tears in her eyes .

Gong Jie’s gaze softened at the sight .

“Good girl! You look best when you smile . I love your smiling face!”

His sister helplessly retorted, “Stop fooling around! Why do I get the feeling that you’re coaxing a child?”

“What ‘coaxing a child’?”

He pouted innocently at her and then curled his lips into a smirk . “I’m coaxing my little princess!”

Suddenly, he gently lifted her hand and leaned forward to kiss the back of it . Blinking his eyes mysteriously at her, her brother coaxed, “Sis, do you wanna see me performing magic?”

Yun Shishi turned to take a look at Mu Yazhe, who was rooted in place with an apathetic look . It was only when she saw little animosity in the man’s eyes toward her brother that she felt at ease facing her brother with wide and curious eyes . “What magic?”

“Close your eyes!” childishly demanded her brother .

She, however, asked askance, “Close my eyes? What are you intending to do?”

“Just listen to me! If you don’t close your eyes, how can I perform the magic?” He petulantly pouted like a kid .

Unable to win against him, she simply gave in and obediently closed her eyes .

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Her eyes were tightly shut, so she could not see anything at all .

However, just a moment later, she somehow felt her wrist becoming a little heavier with something cold seemingly stuck on her skin . Feeling puzzled, her eyelids twitched for a bit .

He then cried out in warning, “Don’t peek!”

Thus, she again obediently shut her eyes tightly .

She no longer dared to open her eyes even for the slightest bit!

It was only after a good while passed that her brother gently said, “Alright, you can open your eyes now . ”

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She slowly opened her eyes, and at that moment, a bright sparkle dazzled her . Her gaze was drawn to this gleam right away, and she found a corsage somehow adorning her wrist .

This was no ordinary corsage . Hidden below the three blood-red roses was a dazzling diamond .

It did not come to her attention right away because it was set between the petals and, like the roses themselves, the diamond was deep red! There was no contrast between the diamond and the rose petals .

The reason why she felt a sudden weight in her hand earlier was that this particular blood diamond was roughly three-carat in size!

A blood diamond!

It was a rare and precious item!

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If a one-carat blood diamond was already so precious, then what was more of a three-carat?!

It could only be said that it was priceless!

This three-carat blood diamond could not be underestimated and was truly priceless!

A 0 . 9-carat blood diamond was once sold for a staggering 500-million price at an auction in London .

Therefore, one could imagine the worth of this particular diamond, which had been polished and refined!