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Chapter 1785: 1785

It was aesthetic and dreamy . Immersed in this romantic ambiance, they were afraid to speak in loud voices .

 Yun Yecheng smiled and nodded his head . “Since an engagement happens only once in a lifetime, it’s only right for them to be diligent about the preparations .

 “This shows that my niece’s fiancé really dotes on her! He has put so much effort in organizing such a romantic ceremony . What a good day today; I can’t bring myself to sit still with all the excitement!”

 Yun Yecheng laughed . “Just sit properly and watch my daughter receive everyone’s blessings!”

 The other smiled back, genuinely feeling happy for his niece .

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 Yun Qingmiao, who was sitting at the side, could not control the surge of feelings inside of her . All her attention was on the lavish decorations of this venue .

 As for her younger sister, the woman was focused on glancing left and right . After scanning the entire crowd, she was disappointed to find that Gu Xingze was nowhere in sight!

 It seemed that her cousin and the superstar were not that close, after all!

 She was engaged, yet the actor was not invited to cheer her on . This meant that their relationship had not been that great .

 The two sisters’ mother only cared about examining the seated guests .

 The guests at the event were separated between the fiancé’s and the fiancée’s sides .

 At one side were all the fiancée’s relatives and friends .

 From here, Xiang Yu examined the attires and styles of the guests from the groom’s side . She also took notice of their possessions, which were symbols of their status . She was clearly looking for suitable partners!

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 From time to time, she tugged on her older daughter’s sleeve and whispered to her which guest was young and handsome, which guest seemed to be wearing an expensive watch, and which guest looked wealthy…

 All of this was overheard by Xiao Xue who was sitting near them .

 She furrowed her eyebrows repulsively, tempted to act up right then and there .

 She had never thought her best friend would have such outrageous relatives!

 Today was her niece’s engagement, yet this gross woman was actually matchmaking her daughter with every rich, eligible bachelor she could find!

 If not for today being a special occasion, she would not hold back and would truly explode on the spot from anger .

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 She forced herself to tolerate these people and planned to mention this to her best friend once the ceremony was over .

 At 11:40 AM, the carriage with the beautiful horses appeared on the dot at the castle entrance .

 When Yun Shishi appeared there in her splendid attire, she saw two rows of concierge, holding a wedding guestbook1 . Standing at the end were two rows of flower boys and girls holding bouquets of fresh and plump white roses in their hands .

 She did not know where Mu Yazhe had invited these children from, but the flower children were delicate and pretty, with fair hair and blue eyes . They stood in the middle of a pile of flowers, looking pure and adorable .

 White roses signified respect, as well as a pure and holy love .

 Only you were compatible with it .

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 At the same time, it also meant ‘one belonged only to that particular person’!

 When she saw a bunch of beautiful flower stalks, she let out a blinding smile .

 At the entrance to the castle lay the red carpet . On the other end of it was her carriage waiting quietly for her .

 Mu Yazhe stood by the car . When her gaze collided with his, she could not help being taken aback .

 It was not that she had not seen him in a tux before .

 In all honesty, this man loved western suits . Perhaps it was due to his status, but it was rare for him to be in casual wear and not his suit . All this time, he was always dressed in smart-looking suits .

 However, she had never seen anyone else who could wear a western suit in such a stern, elegant, and grand way .

 Today, he was dressed in a full black suit . On the surface, the suit did not appear to have any superfluous designs . His necktie was also of a deep dark color .