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Published at 13th of August 2020 02:30:10 PM
Chapter 1784

Youyou smiled and said, “Mommy, I know that you love daddy, but I still want you to know that my heart will always be with you even when we grow older . I’m only handing you over to daddy because I believe that he can make you happy as your husband! If he bullies you, though, just let me know! Should he let you down, I won’t hesitate to take you back from daddy’s side at all costs! Understand?”

 Somehow, the woman felt bitter upon hearing his heartfelt speech .

 How could her boy be so sensible?

 A seven-year-old boy should not be saying such words .

 Yun Shishi took him in her arms as she beamed at him . “Alright, Youyou . I’ll be happy . ”

 As an onlooker, Little Yichen suddenly felt deeply affected by their interaction .

 He might never understand how his twin felt right now .

 In the past, he would surely think that it was just an engagement ceremony, and after his parents’ wedding, the four of them could finally truly become a family .

 That should be something to rejoice, should it not?

 Now, however, he no longer thought so!

 After spending so much time together, he was deeply aware of the intimacy between his brother and mother, and that was something much thicker than blood .

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 The past seven years might not be a long or short period, but in those years, they had experienced countless emotions and tough times together .

 Because of those lingering feelings, his younger brother must be worried that she would not lead a happy life—hence, the restlessness .

 He must be feeling the same reluctance, uneasiness, nervousness, relief, worries, and all sorts of mixed emotions when a father married off his daughter and handed her hands over to another man’s hands despite the blissful atmosphere surrounding the wedding .

 As if the twins were connected by telepathy, he could even faintly feel the reluctance that his younger brother was feeling and could somehow empathize with him .

 The younger boy solemnly said, “Mommy, you must be happy!”

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 Otherwise, he would surely regret his decision of handing her over to his daddy .

 As she caressed his palm-sized face, she smilingly nodded at him with wet eyes . It was through sheer determination that she managed to contain the surging bitterness within her .

 At 11 AM, the guests successively entered the venue for the ceremony .

 Everyone sat in their seats and engaged in friendly and happy chatter .

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 The weather was good that day since the island, which was situated near the tropics, had a warm climate throughout the year . One could not help feeling spirited when bathed in the refreshing sea breeze and embraced by the blue skies and sea!

 At the area where the engagement ceremony would be hosted, many of the guests’ children smiled and posed for photos in front of the arbor .

 Children tend to like beautiful things, after all . In such a romantic atmosphere, even those kids who were crybabies had all forgotten to make a fuss and were, instead, innocently smiling in their parents’ embraces .

 Mu Yazhe’s group of buddies had also rushed over to the site and began entertaining the guests .

 His father-in-law also settled down in his arranged seat along with his brother in a wheelchair .

 Yun Yehou surveyed the surroundings and could not help sighing at the sight of splendor of this romantically decorated venue . “It seems that this place has been thoroughly prepared!”

 Although the guests present had attended beach weddings before, it was their first time attending such a solemn and romantic one .