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Published at 12th of August 2020 10:30:08 PM
Chapter 1783: 1783

A delicate arch appeared on his rosy lips as he earnestly adjusted the strap for her .

 Just like that, Yun Shishi dumbly watched her son with her bated breath . She was reluctant to let her heavy breathing disrupt this quiet and warm moment .

 Youyou had woken up early today to dress himself neatly in suspended trousers, suit shirt, and black tie like a little elegant and polite gentleman of high society .

 He even meticulously pinned a stunning crystal brooch on his suit pocket .

 From that tiny detail, she could tell that the boy particularly valued this special occasion .

 He had always paid great attention to his dressing, but today, in particular, he appeared to be extra dashing .

 Just from looking at him, she could imagine the lad becoming a handsome, rich man just like his father a decade or so later .

 When he looked down, the dark shadow of his long, dense lashes enhanced the appearance of his deep and mesmerizing eyes .

 “How fast time passes!” The boy smiled and gazed up at her with clear, distinct eyes . “In the blink of an eye, mommy’s now getting married!”

 His wise tone amused her to no end; hence, she intentionally teased him . “Son, why are you like a wise, old man despite your young age? From the way you speak, others might think that you’re marrying off your daughter!”

 “While it’s a mystery if I’ll ever have a daughter someday, right now, I have one mommy . Of course, I can’t bear to marry you off!”

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 They only had each other to rely on for as long as he could remember .

 Originally, he thought that such a life would last a very long time, and he could even imagine himself living with his mother like that forever .

 He must admit that he was quite the momma’s boy . After all, she was the most important person in this life to him .

 Since the time he started learning to walk, eat, go to school alone, and take charge of his life, he had been working hard . It was all for the sake of letting her lead the most blissful life .

 At that time, he decided that, since he had no father, he must accompany her in every stage of her life, lest she should feel lonely .

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 He was the only man in her life .

 Hence, he had designated loving and caring for her as his most important mission in life and was especially dead-set on fulfilling it .

 He did not see it as a burden; rather, he enjoyed having such responsibility and filial duty .

 Now, however, it felt as if his mission would be sacredly passed on to his father’s hands today .

 Reluctance could be found mixed in his feelings of happiness .

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 On one hand, he was happy that his mother had finally found her happiness and no longer had to live her life in misery and loneliness; on another hand, an inexplicable feeling of emptiness settled in him at the prospect of handing over this mission .

His feelings toward her were complicated; he felt uneasy, generous, and ironically, selfish .

 At that moment, the mixed emotions on his face, which seemed to be of desolation, glee, and sorrow, had her wondering what was on the child’s mind .

 She gave him a soft smile as she lightly placed her hands on his in comfort . The boy, however, suddenly flipped his hands over and held hers, instead .

 His hands were still too small to wrap around hers, but they tightly held her fingers; the warmth from them seeped through her fingertips and made their way to her heart .