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Published at 12th of August 2020 02:30:10 PM
Chapter 1782: 1782

Yun Shishi was gazing at the sprawling beach through the window at that moment .

 The white sands, hovering seagulls, and waves gently hitting the shore all made up such a breathtaking scenery .

 The morning sea breeze did not make her feel cold at all .

 Youyou waved his hands in front of his twin’s face . “Hey! Bro, have you gone silly?”

 The older boy smacked away the other’s hands, which were blocking his vision, and excitedly ran toward the woman, hugging her from behind . “Mommy!”

  Jolted back to reality, she turned slightly and placed her hand lightly on his shoulder as she smiled at him . “Son, you’re awake!”


 Little Yichen nodded fervently as he gushed, “Mommy’s really beautiful like a fairy today! Can you wear beautiful dresses like this in the future, too, please?”

 His innocent and naïve remarks amused her . With an arch of her brow, she crouched to his eye level . She then laughed . “How can I wear gowns like this daily?”

 Her younger son approached them, sighing in helplessness . “This lad fell into a trance the moment he saw you from the doorway earlier! Still, mommy, you do look good in this dress . ”

 He could not resist adding a sarcastic comment . “It’s probably because you don’t usually care about looking good in a dress, so when you finally do dress up, you look as beautiful as a fairy . ”

 This difference in her appearance was why his brother went trance-like!

 Not knowing whether she should be laughing or crying at that comment, she feigned a wounded look . “This younger son of mine, must you speak to mommy so sarcastically?”

 Positively beaming, the older boy chipped in, “Lil’ bro has such a vicious mouth . Mommy, punish him!”

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 The younger sibling coolly shot him a glare before he flicked him on the forehead . “You’re the one who needs to be taught a lesson!”

 Feeling aggrieved, the older twin covered his hurt head and stared at the other with a piteous and glum look .

 Their mother immediately came to the rescue . “Youyou, you mustn’t bully your older brother!”

 “Mommy, he’s the one bullying me!” He, too, pulled an aggrieved look at her .

 Being a long-standing veteran at acting innocent, he could easily pull off a pitiful appearance . The woman could not bear to admonish him after seeing his look .

 Feeling wronged, the other boy retorted, “When have I bullied you?! You’re clearly the one who’s always bullying me!”

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 “You still have the cheek to say so? You slept like a brat last night, either kicking your blanket off or hugging me like a koala . I couldn’t get a good night’s rest because of you, and I almost got paralyzed from you pressing on top of me . ”

 Mu Yichen’s guilt immediately crept up his face when he heard that .

 “That’s enough! Don’t squabble anymore, alright?”

 He nodded in agreement . “Okay! Today is mommy’s engagement, so this older son of yours will be a good boy!”

 The younger one ignored his twin’s obedient act and approached his mother who was squatting at his eye level .

 “Mommy… ”

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 He stared at her blooming face with a regretful look . His eyes swept past every inch of her face before they finally landed on a crooked strap on her shoulder . His brows arched at that, but he gently smiled and reached out to adjust it carefully for her .

 The sight of his drooping, long lashes and the soft look in his eyes had her heart nearly instantly melting into mush .

 “Mommy, you’re already twenty-four; why are you still so careless? The strap on your shoulder is crooked . You won’t look beautiful like that . ”

 A delicate arch appeared on his rosy lips as he earnestly adjusted the strap for her .