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Published at 12th of August 2020 02:30:15 PM
Chapter 1781

The next morning, the stylists carried bags of makeup and the ironed gowns over to her bedroom .

 After washing up was an hour-long makeup session .

 The ceremony was divided into two segments: the engagement itself and the bonfire party .

 As such, the team of stylists specially prepared two gowns for her .

 The venue had already been set up .

 The vast azure sea and clear blue skies, which shone upon each other, seemed to be connected by a line from afar, and at a glance, a faint rainbow could be seen looming from the clouds above like a beautiful, myriad-colored bridge .

 Seagulls hovered above sea level as a gentle breeze swept across the surface; a rose-embellished arbor could be found on the pristine, white beach .

 These roses were plucked off their stems upon blooming and, in their freshest state, were gathered into bouquets and air-shipped over to this island overnight . That very morning, the servants decorated the arch with the bouquets of fresh rose petals, which were still covered with a layer of dew .

 Right before the arbor lay a path strewn with beautiful fresh flowers of various colors—red, yellow, purple—all in full bloom .

 More than a hundred chairs were placed at the venue, and five long buffet tables had been arranged right in the middle of the place . The kitchen was already beginning preparation of the hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and main dishes for the banquet . The food prepared was of different varieties and made with the freshest ingredients to cater to the different tastes of the guests .

 Also, a carriage with beautiful snow-white horses was waiting at the castle gates just like how it was in a fairy tale . Everything was just so incredibly beautiful!

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 The guests who had arrived the day before were all awakened by now . Some had even taken their breakfast and gone over to the beach to enjoy the morning sea breeze!

 Others, on the other hand, were curious about the set-up of the venue and wanted to go there to take a look; unfortunately, they got politely turned down by the security manning the area .

 Yun Qingmiao, however, was lucky to catch sight of the venue and could not help feeling utterly jealous of her cousin .

 Just how on earth did her cousin manage to get herself a husband of such high standing?

 Why had so much money been used on a mere engagement? It was not even an official wedding!

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 To think she kept telling them that the man was merely a company employee . What a lie!

 The more she thought about it, the more twisted she felt . She felt that she had been dealt with an unfair hand of life!

 The first thing the twins did when they woke up was to run over to their mother’s room . They had fallen asleep during the flight the day prior and were carried down by the bodyguards .

 Hence, since they missed out on her gown fitting, they hurriedly went over to her room early in the morning to see how stunning she would look in her gown .

 The two little lads pushed the door open .

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 In the large princess room, where the morning sun seeped in from the floor-to-ceiling window, stood Yun Shishi in her gown, looking like a blooming rose . None would be able to tear his or her gaze from the woman upon seeing her in such a state!

 Little Yichen instantly fell dazed as he stared fixedly at his mother with large, glistening eyes .

 His brother, upon glancing at him, found him disappointing and even kindly helped him close his mouth to prevent his jaws from getting displaced .

 The boy, however, remained dumbfounded .

 He had never seen his mother appearing so beautiful and charming before . Looking like a flower in that rose-colored gown, she was in her most gorgeous moment .

 Youyou waved his hands in front of his twin’s face . “Hey! Bro, have you gone silly?”

 The lad had actually gotten lost in his reverie!