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Chapter 1780: 1780
Chapter 1780 A Huge Disappointment

These four were the young, trusted subordinates whom he had personally handpicked for their characters and talents . Through many years of hardships and trials starting from the establishment of Shengyu Financial Group, the five had built good rapport, which existed between real brothers, and became indispensable comrades .

Just a look, and the rest could figure out what was on a particular person’s mind . They were well-connected at a deep level .

Lu Jinyu suddenly asked, “Chief, did your kids not come?”

The father of the kids turned to his wife .

Yun Shishi immediately explained, “They were a little tired after the plane ride, so they’ve taken a rest for the day . You all will be able to see them tomorrow . ”

“The kids are still young, and after such a long journey, they’re bound to get tired . It’s only right that they have some proper rest,” commented Jiang Shen .

He then mischievously added, “Sis-in-law, I’ve prepared a mysterious gift for you!”

This piqued her interest . “What is it?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow . Just wait and see; I’m sure you’ll love it!”

He grinned smugly at her in confidence .

Lu Jinyu ruthlessly attempted to undermine his confidence, however . “Hah! If sis-in-law doesn’t find it to her liking, you’ll be embarrassed . ”

“Better than you, anyway . What right have you to say that to me when you’re here empty-handed?”

“What do you mean by that? I’ve prepared a big, fat red packet for her, alright?!”

The other mercilessly pulled a disdainful look at him in distaste . “How tacky!”

Feeling hurt all of a sudden, he pitifully turned to the woman for help . She saved him by cutting in . “I think otherwise! How big is your red packet?”

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“Hear that?! She likes my gift!”

With that, he plastered a mysterious smile on his face and blinked his eyes at her . “A very big, red packet . You’ll know how big when it’s time for you to count it!”

She laughed and, assuming that it was only a joke, thought nothing of it . Later, however, she got truly shocked by the amount he gave .

She reckoned that the so-called big, fat red packet was a six-figure sum at most, and that was a pretty impressive amount already .

It turned out, though, that he had actually prepared a red packet with seven figures for her, in which a large part was collectible versions of various countries’ commemorative currencies . His red packet for her came in several large gift boxes, and her hands almost got cramped from counting them!

His gift truly left her between laughter and tears . Did the guy give her all of his savings meant for his marriage?!

Of course, that came much later .

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After returning to her room, Yun Shishi had dinner and decided to turn in early for the day .

The engagement ceremony, which would be held the next day, left her feeling like a bundle of nerves . Hints of excitement surged within her as well .

A sudden realization hit her then . She turned on the lamp and made a phone call to Gong Jie . When she got prompted that the number she had just dialed was not in a serviceable area, she could not help but feel her spirits dampening slightly!

Despondency appeared all over her face .

Is his phone turned off or is he avoiding me on purpose?

Is he that reluctant to attend my engagement?

At the thought of this, a big wave of disappointment surged within her .

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Perhaps, she should not insist on his attendance .

It might not be a bad thing that he skipped it .

After all, he had a huge grudge against the Mus, which ran so deep that it could not be easily written off .

The fact that he did not vehemently oppose her marriage was already the biggest concession on his part and was considered as his biggest blessing to her!

Even so, she could not help feeling down . The exhausted woman, however, had her mind emptied when she lay in bed and soon fell into a deep sleep .