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Published at 10th of August 2020 10:55:14 PM
Chapter 1776

He could not help frowning at that . One glance, and Mu Yazhe knew very well what she was feeling shy about!

 Even Yun Shishi noticed her cousin’s special attention to her man . Although she merely knitted her brows at what she saw, she was slightly upset about it .

 Meanwhile, her aunt was still excitedly gushing about something . From her words, though, she was secretly trying to gather information from her!

 “My niece, do you still not know what Little Mu’s work is?!”

 Xiang Yu pulled her niece to the side by the arm as she spoke enviously . “Is he filthy rich? I’m badly shocked by the private jet, castle, and yacht! I initially thought that your man is only an ordinary white-collar worker, but from what I’ve seen so far today, he’s no simple man at all!”

 Even her older daughter pretentiously dropped her question . “Cousin, who is this future brother-in-law of mine?! You’ve been keeping mum about his background to us . Don’t you see us as family?!”

 The older woman hastily chimed in . “Exactly! Tell us and we’ll help you to make stringent checks on him!”

 Her forehead creased, and when she turned to the man for help, she found him standing at the side patiently chatting with Yun Qinli .

 Like a chirpy, little bird, her younger cousin stuck close to the man and would, from time to time, pose questions to him with adoring eyes .

 She helplessly retracted her gaze before she slowly answered, “He’s an employee of the Mu Group . ”

 That was the answer he gave to her former classmates during the previous class gathering .

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 A CEO was indeed an employee of a company . It was just that she did not give them a clear answer .

 “Mu Group? Employee?”

 Her aunt was somewhat surprised by that answer . She naturally had not heard of the company before since she had not been exposed to the business community; hence, she did not know the status he had in the business sector .


 He did not seem like one, though?

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 Could an ordinary worker afford to buy a private jet and such a large island?

 “My niece, are you lying to aunt or are you in the dark as well? He doesn’t seem like a company employee at all . By the looks of it, he appears to be the son of a billionaire, or else, there’s no way he could spend such an exorbitant amount for an engagement ceremony!”

 The man seemed to have heard her say that and approached them right then .

 Stepping forward, he naturally put his arm around his woman’s shoulders and gave the elderly woman a polite smile with a gentle look on his face . “This is nothing much! It’s a lifetime event; of course, we’ll have to make it a little grander . ”

 The older woman gave a start when he walked over, fearing that he had heard her words . However, judging from his polite demeanor, he did not seem at all offended or angry . That was when she heaved a sigh of relief .

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 “Little Mu, you haven’t introduced yourself to us! Since you’re my niece’s fiancé, then I, as her aunt, definitely need to make a stringent check on you . She’s my only niece, after all! Our Shishi is a gentle and virtuous girl . Since you’re set on marrying her and she’s now your fiancée, it’s my duty to learn more about your family background . ”

 What a ridiculous reason, indeed .

 It was nothing more than her vanity and curiosity acting up!

 She was hoping that she, as Yun Shishi’s aunt, could make use of their family ties to rise in status and live comfortably for the rest of her life should he come from an affluent background .