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Published at 10th of August 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 1775: 1775

“Yes! We’ve just arrived . When we heard you’re here, we came over right away to see you . ”

 Xiang Yu seemed to be expressing her closeness with this niece with her fawning look and an overly enthusiastic smile .

 Her niece, however, awkwardly asked, “Why didn’t you all knock at the door before entering?”

 The question totally stumped her .

 Yun Qingmiao beamingly replied, “Well, the door was unlocked, so we just entered . We’re not disturbing you guys, are we?”

 ‘The door was unlocked, so we just entered’?!

 What a ridiculous answer!

 This room is my private space, after all . How could they just barge inside without knocking and asking for permission?

 It’s basic courtesy to knock before entering . One can only enter the room after seeking permission from the owner .

 Despite being upset with their lack of manners, Yun Shishi smilingly asked, “Was the butler done arranging a room for you guys, then?”

 “He was . It’s just that the room is a little small…” complained her aunt .


 She shot her husband a quizzical look .

 Yun Qinli chimed in . “It’s not that small! It’s just a little cramped for three of us to be sleeping in the same room!”

 The man then graciously apologized to them . “The butler may have been negligent in this aspect . I’ll immediately arrange another room for you all . ”

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 The older woman politely declined him . “Hey, it’s nothing . No need to busy and tire yourself over this! Come and let me take a good look at my niece . ”

 With that, she walked over to her niece, held her shoulders, and sized her up .

 “Oh, my! This dress is beautiful, and it’s made of good-quality fabric . It cost a lot, right?”

 Her daughters approached them as well . Their eyes were filled with envy and yearning at the sight of her gown .

 “Cousin, is this the gown you’re gonna wear to your engagement? It’s exquisite!”

 “A red dress is auspicious-looking, indeed! The point is that cousin appears especially classy in this! Cousin, you’re as beautiful as a princess!”

 The older sibling laid it on a bit thick with her compliments . It was so much that Yun Shishi could not get used to all the compliments they were fighting to shower her .

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 What’s going on now?

 Why are they being so chummy?

 Their actions and behavior baffled her as she dazedly watched their antics .

 Upon seeing her dazed look, her aunt chuckled behind her hand . “Look; your cousin is feeling shy!”

 The older sister immediately added, “You’re a bride-to-be now! Why are you still feeling shy?! Look, sis! Don’t cousin and Brother Mu look so compatible standing together?”

 Yun Qinli, on the other hand, joked, “What Brother Mu? You should start calling him ‘brother-in-law’ already!”

 The bride-to-be felt a little overwhelmed by their enthusiasm .

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 What’s going on? Just two days ago, they were still speaking sarcastically with me . What’s with their 180-degree change of attitude today?

 Yun Qingmiao could not help blushing as she sneaked glances at her future brother-in-law .

 The man before her, dressed in a smart-looking, well-cut, tailor-made suit, with his ebony-black hair styled up in gel for once, appeared especially dashing and handsome .

 Those eyes of his were akin to the mesmerizing starry sky—dark and boundless .

 Her heart raced suddenly when his arrogant and cold eyes swept across her .

 No woman would be able to withstand his charms when standing in front of him .

 Sensing a fiery gaze on him, Mu Yazhe followed his feeling and turned in the direction where he felt it . He happened to catch the startled woman hastily lowering her head in embarrassment as she squeezed her fingers together in silence .