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Published at 9th of August 2020 10:40:06 PM
Chapter 1774: 1774

Just as he moved to walk toward her, there was a disturbance at the door .

 She looked over to the entrance out of curiosity, thinking that the designers were waiting outside .

 Before she could say anything, the door was pushed open from the outside .

 Xiang Yu’s noisy chatter could be heard . “Shishi, are you in here? I was told that you are in this room!”

 Her brows knitted in tight knots the moment she heard the voice . She knew very well who had turned up uninvited!

 Once they alighted from the private jet, the mother-daughter trio was sent to the castle in a car .

 The three had a heyday after the butler settled them in .

 At first, they were wondering where the ceremony would be exactly .

 They reckoned that the location would be at a romantic spot like Bali, Sanya, or Aegean Sea . They were expecting to be housed in a hotel after getting off the plane .

 When they were on the plane, they were told that the destination would be a private island, and before they could digest the information in their heads, they were brought to the castle . They were thoroughly shocked!


 A castle on a private island?!

 As they stood at the entrance to this place, they looked up to see the vintage castle, which resembled a royal palace, standing tall and magnificent against the vast expanse of blue skies . It was full of classic European medieval style!

 They were still doubtful and suspicious until the butler came out to receive them . Only then did the full reality manage to sink in!


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 How rich can Yun Shishi’s fiancé be?!

 The man must have millions to own a castle on a private island!

 They only knew of such luxuries from the news, where the rich men had their islands with their personal expensive planes and yachts, so how could they not get excited when they experienced all these first-hand?!

 Do all these belong to the man?

 Then, this is to say, all these will belong to our cousin in the future!

 Heavens .

 Oh, gosh…

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 There was just too much astonishment and exclamation overwhelming them . They toured the castle like taking a walk through a museum, studying every artefact with uncontrollable amazement .

 The two sisters were so envious of their cousin .

 Which girl would not dream of having a castle of theirs?

 This was only a fantasy to them, but this was a reality for their cousin .

 The older sister, especially, was green with envy!

 I want these, too!

 I want a private jet! I want my own castle, yacht, beach . Everything I’ve seen here, I want!

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 Materialism bred inside her like bacteria, consuming her entire being .

 When they pushed open the door to see Yun Shishi standing there, looking regal and classic in her elegant gown, they were stunned into silence . Soon, they started to crowd around her in great eagerness .

 As they crossed the arch, the middle-aged woman was startled to see the man . She quickly tugged the corner of her mouth into an enthusiastic beam and greeted, “Little Mu, you’re here, too!”

 She did not notice him at first as he was standing in her blind spot .

 Seeing him, her two daughters looked at each other before calling out sweetly, “Brother Mu!”

 “Future brother-in-law!”

 He gave a muted reply . The slight smile on his face had diminished and was replaced by aloofness in an instant .

 His fiancée saw them and smiled unnaturally in response, too . “Aunt, you’ve arrived!”