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Published at 9th of August 2020 10:40:09 PM
Chapter 1773

While the man stroked her long, silky hair, she asked dreamily, “By giving in all the time, aren’t you afraid of overindulging me?”

 Was he not worried that she might get out of hand?

 Her husband replied matter-of-factly, “You deserve to be spoiled rotten, just like a little princess, and more than anyone else, I should be the one spoiling you . ”

 She was surprised to hear that from him . “Why is that so?”

 He lowered his head and glanced at her before giving a gentle smile . “Then, you won’t leave me . ”

 Each time he spoiled her, she would rely on him more, and he liked it that way .

 He liked the way she needed him and could never get tired of her hugging close to him day and night .

 If Lu Jinyu were to witness this scene, he would sigh like an old man . “How lovey-dovey! What a torture to watch!”

 Saying that, he would also add something else inwardly, For a cold-hearted man like chief, I also didn’t expect the fate of a wife-slave would befall him!

 Yun Shishi was really tickled by her husband’s reply .


 Wife, the supreme!

 She had a good life, indeed .

 From his periphery, he caught sight of a pair of red stilettos sitting quietly on top of the side table .

 He scooped her up in his arms suddenly and carried her to the sofa . Squatting on one knee, he picked up one of the high heels with a hand while he easily held one of her fair, smooth, little feet with the other .

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 She blushed at his skin contact and unconsciously pulled her foot back . He refused to let go, though, and held it more firmly in his hand .

 Her feet were really small and looked to be no more than size 35 or 36 . She did not have a short stature, but the size of her feet was no bigger than his palm .

 To him, she was petite with her small upper limbs . Now, even her feet could be held with his one hand .

 “You…” She spoke in an attempt to stop his action .

 She looked into his pensive, dark orbs, only to see the sparkle glistening in them . A rush of red flooded her cheeks as she nervously clenched the hemline of her dress, crumbling the edges in the process .

 Looking at his ready stance, is he thinking of putting on the high heels for me?

 She could not help feeling awkward over his humbling posture of a half-squat, though .

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 All along, like a regal king, his status was high above the rest . Seeing him squat on one knee before her now, she felt weird somewhat .

 The thought was enough to make her blush again, and she quickly added, “I… I can do it myself!”

 “No, you just need to stay seated . ”

 As he spoke, he gently put the beautiful red stiletto on her foot with his large and broad palm .

 It fit her nicely .

 The red stiletto had no complicated design, but its lustrous sheen was sufficient to bring out the elegance in her .

 He picked up the other high heel and put it on her other foot .

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 She stared intently at his careful and serious motion in silence . Right now, he seemed to be performing a pious and sacred ritual .

 In contrast to her harried response, he took the task in stride . All in all, he appeared to be declaring that serving her with her footwear was just a matter of fact!


After wearing the stilettos for her, he helped her up . The hem dropped to the ground once more and covered her feet nicely . She took a few steps to try her new heels, and they were perfect .

 She held on the edge of her gown, turned her head over her shoulder, and smiled at the man, smoldering him with her dazzling twinkle .