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Published at 9th of August 2020 10:40:11 PM
Chapter 1772

At that time, to him, an engagement ceremony was nothing sacred and nothing worth expecting . It was just an unnecessary rite . As long as the people were there, it was fine .

 The ceremony was held at a hotel, and the entire process had been as ordinary as it could get . On the day itself, he had rushed over to the venue from a meeting at the company . He did not have much reaction when he looked at Mu Wanrou’s face except for the deep loathing inside him .

 That event did not leave too deep an impression on him .

 Under the feigned civility and the blessings laced with ulterior motives, he put on a show and finished the entire process .

 He never thought that, one day, he would be putting all his heart into an engagement ceremony .

 Yun Shishi still did not know how much effort he had put into this engagement banquet . He did everything by himself, including this huge bedroom . He had gotten designers to follow his idea and redecorated the entire place!

 Now, as he looked at his fiancée smiling beautifully at him, his heart leaped!

 The corners of Mu Yazhe’s lips curved up as he unconsciously let out a smile, too . He pinched her cheek, only for her to protest coquettishly and hit his hand away . “Don’t do that! You’ll smudge the makeup . ”

 “You’ll look great even if it’s smudged,” he countered .

 The woman was stunned for a moment . Having not expected him to say such sweet and romantic words to her without prompting . she giggled and teased, “I didn’t expect that your mouth could be so sweet at times!”

 The man swept his gaze over and caught the smile in her eyes . He reached out and easily caught hold of her hand, nodding his head and covering her talkative little mouth with his as he whispered, “I’ll never lie . If I say that you look good, then you really do . ”

 “Hey! Are you trying to bewitch me? Stop it . Don’t even think about using your sweet words to confuse me,” she said coyly .

 “I mean it . ” He reinforced his words . “My wife is the world’s number-one beauty!”

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 World’s number-one beauty!

 These words were enough to send her over the moon!

 She bit her lower lip and laughed inconspicuously . As she laughed, she jabbed his chest gently with her finger . “My husband is also the world’s most obedient man . ”

 His mouth was obedient . Sometimes, the words he said could fill one’s heart with so much sweetness as if it were soaked in honey!

 In her heart, his image was never one that was casual . He was also cold, swift, and decisive . She never thought that he would have such a gentle side to him .


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 He repeated the word in his heart and furrowed his eyebrows .


 The man burst out laughing . This was the first time someone had used the word ‘obedient’ to describe him!

 She lost herself in his laughter, her heart aching at the sound .

 His voice was low . When he laughed, he sounded magnetic and bewitching, leaving one easily engrossed with him .

 She did not have any resistance against his laughter .

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 Her husband raised his eyebrow and pinched her nose . “Obedient? Are you sure that’s a good word to describe me with?”

 “Why not?”

 “Anything is fine as long as you like it . ”

 She could not help hugging him, her arms crossing behind his waist as she cushioned her face gently on his chest . This happiness she felt seemed so surreal .

 “Husband, aren’t you spoiling me too much? Anything I say counts?”