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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:40:06 PM
Chapter 1771: 1771

He began to feel a little hot . He absolutely loved how she looked .

 He opened his mouth again and smiled . “You look really beautiful like this!”

 Even though his statement was curt, it was undoubtedly the highest praise for her!

 The designers standing behind her were also heartened by his compliment . To them, being able to create a piece of work and have it worn by a beautiful lady was the biggest affirmation .

 Being able to receive Mu Yazhe’s approval left them even more overjoyed and elated!

 Receiving such acknowledgment from this honorable client, to them, was recognition of their skills at the highest degree!

 Still, they were highly perceptive and knew how to observe the body language of others . Witnessing this moment between the two and seeing how both were staring at each other, they tactfully left the room .

 With the door shut, the couple was left alone in this huge bedroom .

 The man reached out and hugged her slim waist . The sublime embroidery on the back of her dress felt nice to the touch .

 This gown was extremely comfortable and a perfect fit for her body . Every inch and curve was of the optimal quality!

 He pulled her tighter into his embrace and lowered his head to gaze at her, coincidentally noticing her thick and long fluttering eyelashes . They were gentle and pleasant, setting off her captivating aura .

 The man could not help but gently kiss her trembling eyelashes before landing a flurry of kisses on her glabella, on either corner of her eyes, her nose, lips, and finally, her elegant and beautiful shoulder . A deep kiss lit a fire inside his gentle eyes .

 This was his fiancée!

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 She would be the only person in his future and for the rest of his life—his only wife .

 She was so otherworldly beautiful, just like an immortal being that no one could be profane of .

 Yun Shishi smiled and pushed him a little . However, he seemed a little unsatisfied and unwilling to leave her . He held the back of her head and kissed her on the lips .

 The man did not conquer her . He was careful and gentle as he peppered her with small kisses, wanting to taste her goodness again and again .

 It was as if he were kissing a royal artwork, a rare treasure . He loved her yet he could not bear to use too much strength .

 The woman pushed him away and looked up . Seeing the unexpected lipstick tainting his lips, she laughed .

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 “You got lipstick on your lips!”

 He furrowed his eyebrows and pursed his lips, which only made the mark more obvious .

 Therefore, he reached out in an effort to wipe it off but was stopped by her . “Don’t move; I’ll help you clean it off . ”

 She carefully stuck out her finger and rubbed his lips gently with it, wiping off the lipstick staining his thin lips little by little .

 The man stood still and watched her . He thought that this was probably the happiest moment of his life .

 Once, he wondered if he would be like other bridegrooms during their wedding—nervous, flustered, emotional, and excited .

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 While he was neither nervous nor flustered right now, he felt emotional excitement .

 Strictly speaking, this was not his first engagement ceremony .

 In the past, due to Mu Sheng’s repeated pestering, he abided by his orders and held an engagement ceremony, out of formality, with Mu Wanrou .

 Everything had been arranged by his assistant . He was too lazy to waste even a drop of effort on it and left everything to his subordinates to handle .