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Published at 7th of August 2020 10:40:17 PM
Chapter 1767

Upon her arrival at the capital, she had caught up with the latest fashion trend, used the communication tools, and learned how to use Weibo .

 She followed the superstar’s account on that platform and was thrilled to find out that there were many close interactions between him and Yun Shishi .

 It looked like the two were on friendly terms!

 Apart from feeling jealous, she was greatly expectant of his arrival to this engagement ceremony!

 The moment she saw him here, she would definitely take the chance to sit next to him . Even a close glimpse of him would do to satisfy her .

 Of course, these were all just her fantasies . Disappointment would be awaiting her should he not show up!

 Alas, Yun Qinli was fated to be disappointed this time!

 Her cousin did not invite him at all .

 To be honest, she had the intention to invite him, but after considering her husband’s feelings, she decided not to .

 Since the man did not like the actor, she would keep her distance from him out of consideration for her partner’s feelings .

 The private jet that Yun Shishi was on reached the island first .

 After the plane landed on the tarmac, the bodyguards on land escorted her all the way to the castle .

 Interestingly enough, once she got in a car, a bodyguard blindfolded her, and when she started feeling uneasy and skeptical, he told her that it was the boss’ instruction .

 This ‘boss’ was probably referring to her husband!

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 What on earth is that chap trying to do?!

 Hence, despite her misgivings, she no longer said anything about it and just let them put the blindfold over her eyes .

 When it was time for her to alight from the car, she had people carefully leading her into the castle .

 The crisp sound produced from the collision of her high heels to the marble flooring when she stepped inside instantly reminded her of where she was right now .

 “Can the blindfold be taken off now?” She softly probed .

 The patch of darkness before her, whereby she could not see anything, left her particularly edgy .

 A deep, cold yet respectful voice resonated beside her . “I’m sorry, but please wait for a bit more while you follow me up the stairs . ”

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 The voice then reminded her: “Be careful of the steps . ”

 Thus, with the help of the bodyguard, she got led up to the fourth floor .

 In her daze, she finally stopped at a doorway after countless flights of steps .

 The bodyguard quietly retreated from the room after he escorted her in, closing the door behind him .

 Her arms flailed wildly in the air for a second before she untied the blindfold around her head .

 When she finally opened her eyes, she was instantly completely captivated by the luxurious yet elegant interior furnishings around her!

 The huge room had a height of over five meters . From afar, the richly ornamented and lavish interior completely reflected the unique retro and splendor style of the European royal family in medieval times!

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 After walking past the window wall and through the pristine arbor, she arrived at a bedroom where a two-by-three-meter long canopy bed lay inside; pink curtains lightly fluttered and hid the bed from view .

 The intricate yet stunning crystal chandelier hanging above her head, the elegant and beautiful paintings, the exquisite dresser, and the good-quality solid wood wardrobe all screamed of luxury .

 All of these, which could only be seen in movies, were now displayed right in front of her!

 She recalled a fairytale-themed movie she had watched when she was a child . The heroine of the story was a royal princess who lived a carefree life in a dreamy castle . Every day, she would wake up in a luxurious room just like this one before her now!

 This was her dream princess bedroom!

 It was a real princess room!

 Which woman would not have such a fantasy?