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Chapter 1762: 1762
Chapter 1762: Intertwining Fate

He was the kind to throw himself fully into a task once he set his heart to it . He was a perfectionist, through and through . He disliked any matters with imperfections . Especially on an important occasion like this, he would not allow mistakes .

On the day of their engagement, he ensured that there was tight security in place . Although the event was set on an island, anything could happen .

The place was heavily guarded . Only those with invitation cards were allowed entry to the venue .

Two days prior to the event, she turned nervous all of a sudden and could not get a good sleep .

Mu Yazhe had already flown to the island . All the guests would be sent to it via a private jet the next day .

As his fiancée, another private jet was arranged for her by him .

She could not help being curious at this special arrangement and questioned him about it . He remained secretive, though . “You’re my fiancée; of course, I must maintain a certain level of mystery!”

She found his response funny and annoying and gave up after that .

Lying in bed, the woman tossed and turned . She tried to sleep as she held her pillow . Memories of their times together, since she met him until now, flashed across her mind . It felt like they had been together for a century!

Fate had teased her, she was born lucky, or she had perhaps spent her entire life’s fortune to have this chance to meet him .

When they first met, he was her employer . As for her? She was only a surrogate mother to the man’s kids . Even as strangers then, she gave herself to him without reservation .

She did that as a last resort at the lowest point of her life .

At that time, she had never imagined that this man, whom she was so fearful of on that fateful night, would become her husband one day!

What intertwining fate they shared!

Still, isn’t this how fate works in the first place? Both of them might have missed each other if one part had missed the track .

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She was deeply grateful to have come this far!

The engagement ceremony was fast approaching, and the two little ones were super excited .

Mu Yichen kept clamoring to have a chance as the flower boy and was severely rebuked by his younger brother .

“Stupid! That’s an engagement—not a wedding! There’s no need for a flower boy! Mommy isn’t even wearing a bridal gown to that event . ”

Upon hearing that, the older one started his noisy chattering again . “Oh? I thought it’s a wedding! Then, when will mommy and daddy get married?”

Their mother smiled . “The date hasn’t been finalized yet . Son, why are you so anxious?”

He answered matter-of-factly, “Of course! I want to see the day when mommy gets married to daddy . This is what I look forward to every day!”

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“This is because mommy will surely be very happy that day! I want happiness for mommy!”

Her son’s words warmed her heart .

The boy’s younger twin sarcastically quipped from the side, “You can spare us your sweet nothings! Hmph! Even when mommy’s married, I’ll still be her favorite . Don’t you try to snatch her away from me!”

Pouting, he refuted, “What do you mean by I can’t snatch away mommy from you?! She’s mine, too! She’s mine!”

The two started quarreling; each one clung on her and refused to let go, leaving her tickled and vexed .

With the two cute boys around, she could never have a moment of peace!

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The private jets arrived as scheduled the next day .

The woman and her two kids boarded one, while the guests were carried by the other .

There was something to highlight here .

She was initially reluctant to invite her aunt and her two daughters along . Her father had the same idea, too, when she approached him to discuss this matter .