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Published at 4th of August 2020 12:00:15 AM
Chapter 1756: 1756

“My dear husband!”

 Mu Yazhe’s brows raised at that . Those three words were simply music to his ears .

 The man was originally upset over her teasing, but because of those three words, his lip corners uncontrollably hooked up .

 He then embraced her and gave her a smooch .

 With his lips pressed against hers, he suddenly solemnly asked, “What kind of bridal gown do you like?”


 The sudden question struck the woman dumb .

 “Little fool, I’m asking you what kind of bridal gown you like!”

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 Mistakenly thinking that she had failed to hear his question clearly, he patiently repeated it to her .

 “The kind of wedding dress… Why are you suddenly asking me about this?”

 “You’re going to wear it for our wedding!”

 Glaring at the hopelessly stupid fool before him in disdain, he asked, “What? Don’t you want to wear one, or is it that you don’t wish to marry me?”

 “No!” Her face flushed as she rebutted . “I don’t mean that at all! It’s just that your question caught me off guard!”

 “Since we’re married, a wedding dress is naturally needed for a wedding! Your gown has to be custom-made in advance, so I’m seeking your opinion about it now,” he explained .

 “Won’t a custom-made be especially expensive?”

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 “This isn’t something you should be concerned about . You just need to think of the type of dress you like and look beautiful in it; that’s all . ”

 Their once-in-lifetime wedding needed to be grand, after all . In addition, he hoped to see her appearing in the world’s most beautiful wedding dress before him on that day!

 Yun Shishi knitted her brows . “Your question came out of the blue; I haven’t thought about it yet . ”

 She suddenly raised her head . “What about you? Do you have a preference?”

 Her question made him burst into laughter . “Dummy, I’m asking you a question here . Why did you throw the question back at me? You’re the one wearing it—not me!”

 She ruefully remarked, “Even so, your opinion counts, too! I may be the one wearing the dress, but I hope that you will like it as well!”

 His gaze softened as he smilingly teased, “I like anything you like! Besides, I’m marrying you and not the dress!”

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 She fell into silence right away . Her heart, however, was teeming with sweetness .

 “Let me think about it!”

 Honestly speaking, she used to have many fantasies about her future wedding gown . Her biggest wish was to marry her beloved man in a stunningly gorgeous dress .

 Now that the day was about to come, she had no idea of her preferred style of wedding outfit!

 That was because she had not polished her knowledge of them before .

 “There are several different styles of bridal gowns . The cheongsam and the traditional Han Chinese dress, which are of Oriental style, consist of the classical cultural elements; some designs are more traditional, whereas others are on the trendier side! Another type is the western-style which has so many different designs . It’s so complex that it’s enough to dazzle you!”

 She was left flabbergasted .

 “You seem to know an awful lot about wedding dresses!”

 “Not really, but I took the effort to brush up my knowledge on them!”

 Knowing that he had specially done so for her, her ears turned red!

 He was rarely so dedicated . Even though their wedding date had not been fixed, he was already paying attention to her matrimonial attire .