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Chapter 1755: 1755
Chapter 1755: Fond of Teasing Him

“So what?”

As Mu Yazhe spoke, he spotted a scratch on her arm in his periphery . His eyes darkened instantly as he grabbed her hand and brought it close to his eyes for inspection .

He looked at her . “What happened?”

Her upper limbs bore many scratches . Although they were shallow, her skin was torn . They were obviously left behind by someone’s nails!

His forehead creased at the sight . “What on earth happened to you?! How did you hurt your hands?!”

“I was scratched . ”

“Of course, I could tell that much!” His voice turned a little frantic . “Who scratched you?”

“Those people did it! The police said that they’re a gang of fraudsters . When we got into an argument at the hospital, they wouldn’t let me go, so in our tussle, I got scratched . ”

His eyes instantly turned icy and his face swiftly darkened .

Yun Shishi immediately dismissively said, “It’s only some minor scratches—nothing to worry about!”

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“How could these be something not worrisome? What if they have germs and viruses?”

“Surely, it’s not that serious?!” Despite her saying that, his words frightened her .

“You were too careless! Don’t come into physical contact with anyone else outside . Some people are carriers of germs and viruses, and they can spread through open wounds!”

It was indeed a warning—not something he made up to scare her .

He pulled her over to the sofa before retrieving the first-aid kit from the side table’s drawer . He then opened up the kit, wet a cotton ball with antiseptic medication, and cleaned up her wounds .

The woman found his actions ludicrous but could do nothing about the situation . Her husband was making a big fuss over nothing!

They were only minor scratches; did he need to go through such trouble and apply medication on them?!

Despite her thoughts, she was quite touched by his thoughtfulness and consideration!

Thus, she quietly sat on the sofa while her husband kneeled on the ground and carefully dabbed the antiseptic medication on her wounds .

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Having him humbly serve her, the woman naturally felt utmost contentment!

She looked down at him and, from her angle, could see his mesmerizing, drooping eyelashes, which were long and dense .

She could not resist reaching out to tease them .

He looked up at her . “What is it?”

“Your lashes are really long and pretty!”

Like an innocent and harmless child, a peal of jovial laughter escaped from her mouth .

The man could not help curling his lips into a faint smile at her infectious laughter; his mood lightened up considerably as well .

She teased, “Eyelash elite!”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

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Dumb woman!

Other than those words, he truly did not know how to describe his wife!

In addition… what did she mean by ‘eyelash elite’?

By looking at his countenance, she knew very well that he had no clue what the term meant; hence, she kindly explained it to him . “You don’t know the lingo, do you? It means that you’re a paragon for having such long lashes!”

Her husband: “…”

Once he was done applying medicine on his wife’s wounds, he reminded her . “Remember not to touch them; a few areas were bleeding just then . ”

She took a gander at her hands and asked with a grin, “Are you done applying disinfectants?”


The woman then assumed the imposing demeanor of an empress . “You may rise now, love!”

Her husband: “…”

She terribly enjoyed this inexplicable sense of achievement during her teasing when she saw his poker face .

This man was very cute at times!

She was very fond of teasing him .