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Chapter 1754

“It’s all over now! Don’t be mad . Look; I’m okay!” She paused for a while before continuing . “Besides, you have a heavy workload . What if I call you while you’re busy? Won’t it bother you?”

 “Little fool!”

 He rapped her on the head with his knuckles, enunciating, “Keep this in mind: Nothing is more important than you!”

 She was floored .

 Though his tone was firm and solemn, her heart was warmed by his words .

 He just said that nothing was more important than her!

 It turned out that she was much more important than his career and anything else in this world to the man!

 Hearing him say that filled her heart with the sweetness of honey .

 She secretly chuckled with her lips pursed .

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 At the sight of her laughing stealthily like a cat that had just stolen food, Mu Yazhe could not resist reaching out to pinch both her cheeks . “What are you chuckling about, little fool?!”

 Swatting his hands away, she pouted . “That’s enough! Don’t be angry anymore . I’ll remember to do that next time; I promise!”

 That was more like it!

 He admonished, “Just keep that in mind . Still, even if you had forgotten to call me, you should’ve called the police right away after getting into an accident! Just how on earth does your little brain work?!”

 “When I saw the person lying on the ground, I was scared that her life might be in danger, so all I could think of was to send her to a hospital fast . ”

 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 “After that, when I wanted to call the police, they slapped my phone to the ground . ”

 She then let out a long sigh, feeling aggrieved about it .

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 “You…” Feeling exasperated, the man mulled on his words for a long time before he sighed . “Stupid woman, you’re hopelessly stupid, indeed!”

 “Hey, hey! No personal attacks! In what ways am I stupid? How could I be stupid when I gave birth to such a smart boy like Youyou?!”

 “He inherited my superior intellectual genes . As for yours, please look at Yichen . ”

 1He calmly laid out the facts .

 Yun Shishi: “…”

 Was that indeed the case?

 Having been dealt a blow, she sniffled in hurt . The woman was apparently provoked by his comment .

 He laughed, then abruptly looked up, and caressed her head . “It’s fine, though . ”

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 “It’s fine?” She was baffled at that . “How is that fine?”

 He softly explained, “It’s better if you’re a little dumber!”

 She felt quite dumbfounded by his reply!

 “You like me being dumb?”

 “Yes . ”

 This surprised her even more . “Why?”

 “Because only when you’re slightly dumber will you need me more!”

 As he lightly caressed her face, the love and indulgence in his eyes made her heart grow warmer than ever .

 He liked the feeling of her relying on him .

 He used to think that it was better for women to be smarter a bit, but his mindset changed when he met her .

 He liked her clumsy look and stupidity .

 It spurred an intense desire to protect her from within him . He wanted to protect her and dote on her! No one was allowed to hold any thoughts regarding her .

 It did not matter if she was slightly dumber!

 He would become her whole world .

 Even though the weak got eaten by the strong in this world, he would rely on his capabilities and be among ‘the strong’ to build a city for her safety .

 Touched by his words, she hugged him around the shoulders .

 “You’re awesome, hubby! It’s just that… I always get the feeling that you’re treating me like a daughter . ”