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Published at 1st of August 2020 10:40:20 PM
Chapter 1748

Upon hearing that the police would be called over, these people totally panicked . This left only that man feigning calmness as he tried to salvage the situation .

 “I don’t see a need to involve the police here, though! What can they say? It’s a fact that she hit and injured someone . Since she claims that she’s taking responsibility for it, surely, the case can be settled with some compensation? As long as she gives us some compensation, we won’t pursue this matter anymore!”

 Lu Jinyu’s lip corners curled up into a smile . “How much is the compensation then? Fifty thousand?”

 “Yes! Is that a lot?” the man argued . “She drives a Merz . Since she can own one, 50,000 yuan should be peanuts to her, shouldn’t it? It won’t hurt her pockets to compensate us with that amount . ”

 He nodded in agreement . “Compensating you guys isn’t a problem at all . ”

 Yun Shishi felt dismayed by his reply . A doubt crept up in her heart .  Is this man helping me?

 How can he say that compensating them that much isn’t a problem at all?!

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 These people are obviously blackmailing me .

 Surely, he doesn’t believe their words?

 Just as that person wanted to nod in satisfaction, he heard the other man say, “Still, based on the sum you guys are demanding from her, I’m starting to suspect if you all are out to extort money from her . ”

 “‘Extort money from her’?!”

 His presence was so overwhelming that he completely gained control of the situation .

 When he spoke, no one dared to interrupt him at all .

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 The man stared wide-eyed at him in a daze .

 “Don’t you think it’s too much to be demanding a compensation of 50,000 yuan for injuries like abrasions and a minor concussion? According to the law, this is extortion, and I even suspect that you all are fraudsters . ”

 It was very quiet at the scene now; hence, everyone around them could clearly hear his calm and rational analysis .

 They were hit by a realization the moment they heard the victim’s family demanding such a large amount of compensation .

 Furthermore, his calm analysis of the situation sparked a debate among them as they began wondering if this family was indeed out to extort money from the woman!

 Why was a high compensation needed for such minor injuries?

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 He added, “There’s no evidence supporting my statement, however . ”

 The man immediately unreasonably concurred . “Exactly! You have no evidence to back your claim . What do you mean by extortion? We are all honest migrant workers who will never dare do such stuff!”

 “Let me finish speaking . ” Lu Jinyu continued his words . “There’s no evidence, indeed, but these days, security cameras are installed almost on every road in the capital, so as to which party is responsible for the accident, the truth will be out once we call the police and have them retrieve the security footage, won’t it?”

 The victim’s family all silently cursed their luck at having met such a shrewd man!

 The crowd exchanged puzzled glances as they stood frozen in place .

 He, thereafter, fished out his phone and called the police . Upon hearing that he was on the line with the police, the group attempted to sneak away from there but ended up being stopped by the security personnel maintaining order at the site .

 The police soon arrived at the scene .

 Since it was Lu Jinyu who reported the case, the police paid utmost attention to it by having a chief law enforcer escort the team to the scene . When the latter saw him, he respectfully greeted, “Nice to meet you, Director Lu! May I ask…”

 The man briefly narrated the entirety of this matter to them .

 The police easily got the gist of the situation and astutely brought those people back to the police station for questioning and to record their statements .

 Yun Shishi was called to the police station as well .

 Before leaving, she approached her savior and expressed her gratitude . “Thank you! If not for you, I really don’t know what to do at all . ”

 “Silly girl, it is my duty . The next time you encounter such matters again, please call the police right away and let them maintain order at the scene; got it?”