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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:36 AM
Chapter 1739
Chapter 1739: Hua Jin’s Background (1)

So far, all of Yun Shishi’s parts in the drama period were shot first, and since the scenes mostly revolved around Lin Zhi or the other supporting cast, she did not have much interaction or meeting with the idol .

He was surprised to see her staying behind for the night shoot .

“Shishi, long time no see! You seem to be very busy recently!”

His chumminess was something she had to roll her eyes at .

Oh, well .

Only this man seemed to be immune to her special status!

She was unsure whether the idol was unaware of her status or just did not care about it . While the rest of the production team only wanted to keep their distance from her, he would get close to her whenever he got the chance .

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She was unable to shake him off at all .

However, after interacting with him for some time, she came to realize that he harbored no ill will toward her . His teasing was simply what it was—a harmless joke .

Previously, someone in the production team tried to put her down . He bore witness to this bullying in silence before subsequently putting that person in place by stacking the deck against the bully .

Thus, despite her mixed feelings about him, she knew that he meant her no harm .

It was just that…

She just could not understand his interest in her .

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Besides trying to please her whenever he saw her, he would look after and protect her .

She was less guarded against him after a while .

“Hua Jin, leave me alone; I’m memorizing the script now . ”

“You only know how to memorize the script day in and day out . What a bore!” he muttered .

“No one knows how to have fun except you, alright?”

He laughed and poked her with his elbow playfully . “Hey, what made you join showbiz?”

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“Eh, eh!”

She replied truthfully, “It’s by chance, I suppose! Making movies earns me some money, and that’s what made me join showbiz . ”

He pouted in disdain . “What a reason!”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“Shishi, what a strange woman you are! In this materialistic industry, every woman here is ambitious! For example, they look for fame, money, or a sugar daddy—all hoping to strike it rich with a son… Everyone is ambitious except you! Why come into the entertainment industry when your appetite is easily sated?”

She gave him a simple answer . “To provide for my family . ”

Blinking his beautiful eyes, he watched her quietly before he dismissed her words with a smile . He was used to her frankness by now . “Still, you are adorable in this way—and silly to boot for suffering in silence like a punchbag when bullied . ”

“You’re the punching bag here!”

“Do you think I’m like you? Whoever tries to bully me will soon after beg for mercy on their knees . ” He smiled . “You should know that, in this ‘dog eats dog’ world, only the strong win, so we must become strong at all costs! Your kindness is a bane at times, you know?”

“I don’t like fighting with others . This is my nature . I did discover that my character isn’t made for this industry, too!”

She propped her head on her hands and watched the production team busied themselves with the props at the scene . Suddenly, she asked, “How about you?”