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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:39 AM
Chapter 1738
Chapter 1738: There is a phrase to describe you .

“It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain!”

Back in the days, the man came across as cold and aloof—a brilliance that belonged to a ruler—but after falling in love, his aura had changed somewhat .

The brilliance surrounding him had softened now, and whenever he spoke about his wife, his face would display a warm and gentle smile that did not exist before .

This was, perhaps, the greatest change love had brought to the man!

His chief had changed, and he was elated with this change!

The past Mu Yazhe was like a block of ice . Reigning high above the rest, he was untouchable and unreal, but it was different now .

There was warmth in his smile, and he was gentler than before; in contrast, previously, he was hard for anyone to get close to .

He liked this change, where the smile on his boss’ face was enough to warm his heart .

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Suddenly, he realized that he was once more gazing adoringly at his chief, much like a dog waiting for food scraps . Woofing a few times, he complained pathetically, “Chief, why do I feel that I’m being tamed like a dog even though my sister-in-law isn’t around?”

The man gave a frosty glance at his right-hand man . “It’s time for you to find a girlfriend!”

“I agree! How about the chief introducing me to a lady?” He decided to be thick-skinned for once .

He thought at first that the man would reject resolutely, but then, the latter, who was seemingly in a good mood today, unexpectedly asked, “What kind of woman do you want?”

“I want someone like my sister-in-law!”

The man’s eyes turned cold as he snorted . “Dream on!”


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“You won’t be able to find another woman like her in this whole, wide world! You don’t need to think of it in this lifetime—heck, not even in your next life!”

This confidante was stunned at first before bursting into laughter . “Chief, do you know that there’s a phrase to describe you right now? It’s very appropriate!”

“What phrase is that?”

Lifting one brow, he smiled . “Wife-slave~”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

The engagement ceremony was under tight preparation .

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Yun Shishi did not know that the man had already started preparing for their engagement ceremony . Right now, she was kept busy in the production set . There was a night scene scheduled today, so she would be unable to return home that night . For that, she had informed the man and the two lads in advance!

Night scene, like its namesake, meant a scene that happened at night . As such, they could only film it at night!

What was interesting was how Gu Xiaoyang had behaved when he approached her to discuss this matter . Unlike his haughty self in the past, he actually appeared wary and nervous, fidgeting with his hands anxiously behind him .

He made her so nervous with his mannerism, thinking that she might have made a mistake in her shoots .

In the end, he was here to ask if she could stay behind for the night scene .

She did not know whether to laugh or cry . “Of course, Director Gu! This isn’t a problem at all!”

He nodded eagerly . “That’s good!”

After saying that, he quickly disappeared before her to finish his work .

She was flabbergasted, inwardly amazed at her husband’s authority!

By now, no one, not even the snobbish Lin Zhi, dared to be funny with her!

The preferential treatment made her feel rather awkward, instead .

Just when she was studying her script, Hua Jin saw her after he did his makeup . He walked over and sat by her side .