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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:12 PM
Chapter 1732
Chapter 1732: This is my era now .

Coming from an elite household, Mu Sheng had several wives . There were no impressive weddings organized for them . A second wife, no matter how low her status may be, would be unable to enter the lineage!

If she was a little more competent and gave birth to a talented son or daughter, she would be added to the lineage, but as a second wife, her status would never be acknowledged in public even in a million years .

Mu Lianjue’s mother was one of those wives .

In other words, if Yun Shishi became a second wife to Mu Yazhe, she would not have any status in the household!

In Mu Linfeng’s heart, giving her a position as a second wife was already a favor to her!

For a commoner with no notable background to succeed in marrying into their family was already a huge blessing!

Moreover, his second uncle knew who his wife’s biological mother was .

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She was a songstress at a nightclub in the capital, and it was a menial and demeaning job to the older man . Only his uncle’s father, Old Mu, would treat someone like that as a treasure .

Even if they managed to hide the identity of her biological mother, everyone would come to know about his wife’s adoptive parents .

The Mu family’s face would be completely thrown away!

A romance between an ordinary girl and a noble prince only happened in fairytales!

The reality was that cruel . He should not be blamed for being snobbish!

A woman like his nephew’s present wife could never enter their family, but if his nephew persisted in this marriage with her, and he remained stoic about it, he also could not guess what kind of shocking action the young chap might take!

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What if he caused some over-the-top news? He would be too ashamed to meet anyone!

If that was so, why not have both sides take a step back?

His original intention was for Yun Shishi to enter their family as a second wife and have his nephew marry another lady with a strong background . He did not care whether there were feelings involved or not . As for the candidate’s family background, he was not that demanding .

After all, if he were to pick one out of the thousands of women in the capital who had a status equivalent to or qualified enough for the Mu family, he would be unable to count all of them with one hand .

As long as her history was decent with a grounded family background and she had a warm and kind personality, she would be qualified to assume the responsibility of becoming their family’s young mistress .

With that, once his nephew’s current wife entered the family, he could execute the necessary action!

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Who knew, though, what he was planning to do from the way he spoke with a sense of detachment?!

The younger man furrowed his eyebrows before suddenly letting out an icy laugh .

“Second uncle, do you know what generation we are in now? This talk about second wives or whatnot—you can save it! When I married her, I made up my mind to be devoted to her solely—only she can be the young mistress and no one else!”


His uncle was rendered momentarily speechless from fury . Recovering eventually, he yelled, “Young chap, why are you so stubborn?!”

“Aren’t you the one who’s being stubborn? Haven’t I said, time and again, that I, Mu Yazhe, will never reach a point where I must rely on a woman to establish my position? I’m no ordinary person, so don’t see me like those who marry women with outstanding family backgrounds just to stabilize their foundation! That’s unnecessary!” He scoffed, his words bold .

What he said was qualified, nonetheless .

While his uncle’s help could not be disregarded when it came to him reaching where he was now, a man that had little capability would be unable to make a name for himself in this sinister, elite household .

Even though the journey toward becoming the family’s head had been thrilling, he did it with elegance . It was unlike those bloody clan battles where neither party ended up with nothing . His existence was a legend in itself!