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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:27 PM
Chapter 1724
Chapter 1724: Did you have me investigated?

Min Yu stood fearfully at one side . This missy had marched into his boss’ office with no introduction or explanation, and due to her status, he could not use force to chase her away when she refused to leave!

She sat listlessly on the couch and, upon seeing the man, jumped up in agitation and greeted him . “Brother Mu!”

Her pitch broke when she called out to him in her excitement, rendering the nature of her visit suspicious to the onlookers .

Her unrestrained behavior invited a string of silent censures from the assistant .  No matter what, you are still the mayor’s daughter . How could you march into the boss’ office and refuse to leave?! How unseemly!

What would others think if they were to find out about this? This’d only invite gossip for the chairman!

Mu Yazhe frowned when he saw her . Walking briskly to the office desk, he put down the files in his hands, sat in his chair, and opened his mouth to ask nonchalantly, “Why are you looking for me?”

“I… I called you . Why didn’t you pick up?”

“I’m in a meeting . ”

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“The meeting lasted for the whole day?” she asked with some dissatisfaction, just like an indignant wife who was questioning her husband for failing to answer her call .

Her question would appear appropriate if Yun Shishi were the one asking it .

Alas, the missy was totally oblivious of it at this instant .

The man looked up unhappily at her . Still, he did not say anything more except to affirm her accusation . “Yes!”

“Are you that busy?”

“It’s approaching year end and cases are piling up to be cleared . ”

This was a rare moment where he bothered to give a one-line explanation, not for any purpose except to give her a hint that he was busy now so she should stop disturbing him!

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Unfortunately, his subtlety was lost on this woman with low EQ .

“Well, you should still look after yourself even though you are busy; your assistant said that you haven’t had your lunch yet . Brother Mu, are you hungry now?” As she spoke, she walked toward the desk and sat in the chair next to his . Making herself at home like a virtuous wife visiting her husband at work, she continued, “If you are hungry, I can order take-outs for you . How about that?”

“I have no need for that . ”

“Then, are you thirsty? Let me make tea for you?”

“I have no need for that . ”

Pouting her lips this time, she said with some indignation, “What do you want then?”

He looked at her meaningfully and answered, “I need peace!”

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She was hit with utter embarrassment the moment she heard that .

After a long pause, she explained wryly, “I don’t want to disturb you at work, too, but there’s something I want to verify with you personally!”

“Speak . ”

His retort was always short and straight to the point .

She cautiously probed after some deliberation . “Brother Mu, are you… and Yun Shishi married?”

The man’s face instantly sank at her question; a glint flashed across his eyes at the same time .

When he raised his head to look at her again, his cool expression revealed his unhappiness!

“Song Enya, are you investigating me?”

He had never addressed her by the last name . This was the first time he had done so—the only time, in fact .

Addressing her by her full name was an indubitable indication of his fury .

His countenance and tone fully expressed his great displeasure!

The missy was shocked by his sullen attitude and started to fidget uneasily!