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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:39 PM
Chapter 1717
Chapter 1717: Youyou’s Cooking Genes (1)

He paused for a moment and then added, “Mommy surely hopes that you’ll be there to witness that important moment in her life . ”

At that, the man narrowed his eyes slightly in rumination .

That night, Youyou accompanied his uncle to drown his sorrows .

The latter’s words had evoked the melancholia buried deep in the former’s heart .

In all honesty, despite the happy blessings he had for his mother’s marriage, he inwardly felt a tinge of reluctance .

It was originally buried deep within, but watching the man pitifully licking his wounds brought out the feelings in him . Hence, the pair of uncle and nephew hooked their arms around each other’s shoulders and went off to pour out their grievances to each other .

Naturally, Yun Shishi had no idea that the two were having dinner together .

Her youngest son merely informed her that he had something on and would return home after having his dinner .

When the mother got worried about him, he used Li Hanlin as an excuse and successfully got the clearance to dine out .

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How about the other mommy’s boy, Little Yichen?

Knowing that his parents were about to get engaged, the older twin was simply over the moon .

He was happy about it!

How could he not be?

From now on, they would be living happily as a family of four; this happiness was something he could never dream of .

The woman made dumplings for dinner that night .

It was rare that she was in the mood to do so, and since she had the time to spare, she decided to make some dumplings to eat .

It had been a long time since she last ate them . Speaking of which, her youngest son’s dumplings were simply divine . She missed eating those, but since her younger son was not around, she decided to make some hers to feed herself .

In the end…

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Well, it had been a long time since she last made dumplings . Furthermore, without the little chef’s guidance, the dumplings she wrapped turned out in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes .

By weird, it meant that no average person could ever make such dumplings .

Standing at the side, her older son could no longer keep watching . He muttered, “Youyou’s dumplings don’t look like this . ”

An arrow pierced right through her heart…

The woman hugged her heart as she struggled to stand upright, apparently feeling very hurt .

The boy poked at the dumplings, which either had holes in them or were in some funky-looking shapes, then mumbled to himself, “Can these even be eaten?”

She practically collapsed to the floor when she heard that .

His disdain for her cooking could not go any lower than this . “Sigh… We can’t live without lil’ bro! Mommy, you’d better cook noodles, instead . Daddy should be back home late tonight!”

With that, he bitterly propped his chin on his hand as he sat by the table and silently grumbled, Why didn’t lil’ bro bring me out to eat a good meal with him and abandoned me here at home, instead?!

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Speechless .

His mother assuaged him by saying, “I’m sorry, son . I’m not in a good condition today . My dumplings are, in fact, not bad . It’s just that it’s been some time since I last did some cooking . ”

“Mommy, you can’t be over-reliant on my brother…”

“It looks like he has spoiled you rotten .  Sigh… I feel heartache for Youyou…”

She almost spat out blood .

It seemed to be the case—just a little!

“It’s my fault . ” The woman sniveled tearlessly . “I’ll do my best to learn how to do household chores!”

“I’m just joking with you, mommy . Don’t take it seriously!”

Upon seeing her crestfallen look, he nervously reassured her, “In fact, you don’t have to know how to do household chores! It’s enough that you keep yourself looking as beautiful as flowers!”

She looked at the mess on the table and eventually decided to go out to eat some ready-made ones!

The sky gradually darkened .

By the time Mu Yazhe returned home, the two little lads were already asleep in bed while Yun Shishi was sitting on the sofa, silently reading her script as she waited for him .

She immediately got up and jumped into his arms in a welcoming hug . “Why are you home so late?”

From her soft and weak voice, it was apparent that she was feeling a little sleepy .