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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:41 PM
Chapter 1716
Chapter 1716: Two People ‘Out of Love’

The boy got dumbfounded . “Why are you upset with my mommy getting married?!”

As he spoke, he cast a skeptical gaze on the man and asked in disdain, “Surely, you don’t have a fetish for your sister, do you?!”

Gong Jie furrowed his brows in total incomprehension . Having spent most of his life abroad, he still found certain terms hard to understand even though he had a good grasp of Chinese .

Take this ‘fetish for your sister’ for example…

What did it mean?

Youyou again felt disdain for the man as he translated the term to English for him .

The latter blanked for a moment and then, after giving it some serious thought, answered, “A little…”

This irked the little one even more .

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“There are two important women in my life: one is your grandmother and the other is your mother . ”

“Since my mommy is your beloved kin, shouldn’t you feel happy now that she’s living in happiness?” asked the boy matter-of-factly .

His uncle, however, got a little crestfallen . “Will she be happy?”

“Neither you nor I can decide for her in that aspect, but I believe that mommy always thinks things through before making decisions, so I trust her choice!”

He suddenly let out a sigh and wisely patted his uncle’s shoulder as if he shared the same disappointed feelings as the man’s .

“To be honest, I have mixed emotions about their engagement, too, so I can understand your feelings . ”

The man proceeded to lock his brows in bafflement upon hearing that . “Mixed emotions?”

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Following which, his lips twitched as he gave his nephew a side-eye in disdain . “Surely, you don’t have a fetish for your mother, do you?!”

The lad frowned at that . “Mommy is my treasure—the world’s most precious treasure that mustn’t be stained . ”

In the back seat of the car, a sis-con and a momma’s boy exchanged glances and silently sighed in sympathy as they pitifully licked each other’s wounds .

The boy bared his heart to his uncle, pouring all his woes . “Mommy and I have been relying on each other since my birth! No matter how tough life was back then, with mommy by my side, I wasn’t afraid of anything…”

His uncle felt the same, too . “It’s the same for me! No matter how tough life was back then, with sis by my side, I feared nothing at all . ”

Youyou’s eyes suddenly turned vicious . “I didn’t expect a man to show up suddenly, however . ”

The man felt united against a common enemy . “He stole my sis…”

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The kid clenched his fists in anger . “That man obviously wants to steal mommy from me . He is my love rival . ”

Troubled feelings settled in Gong Jie . “But he’s the man sis loves . ”

The aggrieved boy muttered, “I still have to call this ‘love rival’ my daddy…”

The man, however, shook his head in determination . “I won’t acknowledge that brother-in-law, though…”

The two people looked at each other and let out a sigh in unison again as they sadly hugged each other in comfort .

“I seemed to have lost half my soul now that mommy’s married . ”

“I feel out of love, too…”

“Still, no matter what, as long as it’s mommy’s choice, I’ll…” The boy clenched his fists tightly . “I’ll give her my blessings!”

His expression was akin to a wounded little animal, though .

A faraway look glazed the man’s eyes . “Nephew, should I attend your mommy’s engagement ceremony?”

“Uncle, with all due respect, aren’t you a little too old to develop a fetish for your sister…” quietly asked the boy .

“Well, in my opinion, since it’s mommy’s choice, shouldn’t you, as her brother, give her your blessings?”