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Chapter 1702
Chapter 1702: I have something to tell you .

She was worried that it would have a negative impact on their son .

“Bad example? Why is that so?” He smilingly consoled her . “Children are smarty-pants nowadays . They know a lot of things!”

Saying that, he hugged her and drew his smiling face close to hers . “Don’t overthink it; let’s continue…”

She gave a push on his chest, though her action spoke of ambiguity .

As he kissed her, the heat in the room started to rise again…

The engagement date was finalized at last .

She was full of anticipation and nervousness at the thought of being engaged .

The man told her that, to keep the ceremony low-key, he would only invite important friends, family members, and frequent business partners as guests .

She would also set her respective guestlist .

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After thinking it through for some time, she decided to call Gong Jie .

“Sis!” Her brother’s smart and magnetic voice could be heard from the other end .

He had called her a few days ago, but she was busy with her uncle’s affairs then .

Thinking about it now, the woman realized that she had not seen him for some time .

“Sis, are you still busy?” he asked .

She paused for a while before saying with a smile, “I have something to tell you; are you free right now?”

“What is it? You can tell me now . ”

“It’s inconvenient to speak over the phone . How about we meet today? Are you free? Let’s have coffee; it’s my treat . ”

He agreed readily, “Alright!”

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They decided to meet at the dessert shop where she usually hung out .

He reserved a room early on for their appointment .

Sitting by the window, he arranged for bodyguards to keep watch over the place within a hundred meters . Any suspicious-looking person was kept out without hesitation .

By the time she arrived, he had already ordered her favorite Blue Mountain coffee . He could tell at once that she had arrived; looking up, he greeted, “You are here . ”

He seemed to have a penchant for trench coats, especially white-colored ones . It complemented his silver-dyed hair well . With his lanky figure, it was hard to miss him in a crowd .

A cigarette, clipped between his two fingers, had just been lighted; he put it out the moment she arrived .

He remembered that she disliked smoking and tobacco smell .

Thus, smoking was strictly prohibited around her .

He promised her not to smoke anymore, but he felt the urge to smoke while waiting for her and had secretly lighted one .

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He did not expect her to turn up the moment he lit up his cigarette!

He looked embarrassed from getting caught in the act . Clearing his throat, he posed a brilliant grin in hopes of covering the act .

“Xiao Jie, you’re smoking again . ”

“I’m wrong…”

He looked at her, doe-eyed, hoping to buy her forgiveness with his affections .

Looking resigned, she settled in the cabin seat and looked at the desserts that he had already ordered for her with a start . “How did you know what I like?”

“I remember which desserts you ordered when we were here last time . ”

He remembered every detail about her—her favorite desserts, coffee, snacks… Everything .

Her heart was touched by his attentiveness and she gave him a smile .

Her brother’s eyes were full of gentleness and loving indulgence as he looked at her . Taking a sip of coffee, he said, “Sis, I was out of the country a while ago and brought you a little gift!”

He then passed her a beautifully wrapped small, gift box .

She was quite surprised . “Present? What present?”

Her brother, however, merely propped his chin on his hand and winked at her . “Open it and see!”