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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:07 PM
Chapter 1687
Chapter 1687: Engagement Date (2)

He was smiling proudly as he spoke, seemingly happier marrying his niece off than his daughters!

He really liked this niece of his and, in some ways, loved her more than his two daughters .

He was not being biased here .

The truth was, even though he loved his family, it was not a blind love .

There was nothing much to say about his wife .

As for his two daughters, they were unfilial and ingrates . Hence, he had given up on them long ago .

These elderly brothers encouraged Yun Shishi to nail down an engagement date as soon as possible . In their opinion, there might not be a need to rush the wedding, but there had to be a proper engagement ceremony .

To Yun Yecheng, passing his daughter’s hands to a man he could trust would mean fulfilling a long-awaited wish at least!

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As she agreed to the seniors’ wishes, she wondered if Mu Yazhe had thought about this or had, perhaps, already made his plans .

Upon reaching home that night, she made a call to him . However, as he was caught up with the office affairs, the man told her not to wait for him to have dinner, for he might get back late .

His voice was deep and harried over the phone, with chattering sounds in the background . He appeared to still be in a meeting .

Only he, perhaps, had the privilege to answer calls without qualms while a meeting was underway!

The woman could not help wondering inside, Why are there so many meetings?

She caught herself in time and quickly said, “Go and get busy with your stuff first!”

She hung up after that .

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Somehow, the woman felt downcast after putting the phone down . She was a little disappointed, too!

No matter what, today was supposed to be their special day!

They got their marriage certificate this morning, and just when she was looking forward to having dinner with her husband, she was told that he would return late because of work .

She was rather disappointed and could not help seeing herself as an ‘Amah Rock'[1]!

Still, she was not dissatisfied with him despite her disappointment .

After all, he had postponed many business affairs for her over the last two days . Now that he had to keep up to speed with company matters, he naturally needed more time .

It was not unusual for him to be back late because of that!

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She had to respect his work, just like how he respected hers!

Her younger son cooked dinner, and the family had a good meal at the dining table . Yun Yecheng praised his grandson’s cooking and then told his daughter not to let the boy take charge of the house chores at such a tender age .

The lad defended his mother, however . “Grandpa, you can’t blame mommy! I choose to complete the housework! I’m very willing to do it in her stead . I feel satisfied when I’m able to share her burden . ”

Even his granduncle was touched by his obedience, and the former inwardly made a comparison between his grandnephew and his daughters .

Despite just being seven, he was exceptionally filial and obedient… Well, just take a look at his two daughters!


Some things are best left unspoken!

He had not raised them well .

He knew he had no one to blame for that and could only stare at the boy in envy!

After dinner, the two lads took the dishes to the kitchen to wash .

Under the younger boy’s guidance, the older one slowly developed his skills in doing the house chores . Washing the dishes and mopping the floor were no longer daunting . Pretty soon, the place looked spic and span!

Their mother helped in tidying the hall and study room .

The night soon turned dark, and while she coaxed the boys to sleep, her father brought her uncle to bed .

She was left alone in the hall to wait for her man’s return!

[1] A naturally shaped rock in China that looks like a woman searching in the horizons for her husband; this rock is famous and popular among the locals .