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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:11 PM
Chapter 1686
Chapter 1686: Engagement Date (1)

Her father did not want to be a bother, though, as she was married with kids now .

Yun Yecheng planned to live in a separate place with his younger brother and seek a job to support the both of them .

He had discussed this matter with his daughter way before and refused her objections .

The only request he had was for her to find a nanny to care for Yun Yehou whenever he was not around or while at work .

She readily agreed to it .

They found a hostel not far from the factory . It was affordable, and her father insisted on paying the rent himself after agreeing on the contract .

As there was no hurry, they planned to move the luggage to the new dwelling the next day .

On the way home, her father asked, “Shishi, since you’ve already registered your marriage with that young man, have you thought of that matter yet?”

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The ‘matter’ referred to the wedding, of course .

It was clear that he was anxious about it for her .

He was initially suspicious of Mu Yazhe . He could not tell whether the young chap was genuine or out to cheat his daughter .

His age was advancing so he naturally feared for her welfare .

However, once he heard that that man had brought his daughter to register their marriage first thing in the morning today, he understood that the young chap was serious about her!

The chap was probably declaring his sincerity to him in action after his suspicion and probing yesterday!

This was an affirmation to him!

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His son-in-law had definitely received his whole-hearted approval from this aspect alone!

His daughter was startled momentarily before she slowly replied, “I’m not ready yet, dad! That registration is too sudden for me as well . I’m still wondering if I’m dreaming!”

She could not believe that she had become that man’s wife .

She was officially his wife now .

She dared not dream for a home in the past, and now that this wish was finally granted, she was feeling quite jittery!

It was not because she did not trust him .

She believed him and his promise .

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It was just that…

He was so perfect that, up to now, she still could not believe that he belonged to her .

“Why do you have such a thought?” Her father did not agree . “You are always preoccupied with mindless things! You are a good girl . Dad believes that you’ll find happiness in this life!”

She gave a shy smile and her mind started to wander, drifting in thoughts of their eventual wedding .

Every girl fantasized about her wedding, and she was no exception .

Everyone hoped to be the happiest bride on Earth when that dream day finally came .

This was even more so for her .

Her father thought for a while before urging her . “Even if you aren’t anxious over the wedding, you should at least hold an engagement! An engagement ceremony is essential . How about this; I’ll pick an auspicious date for you to have it . What do you think?”

“I haven’t asked him about it yet! Let me check with him tonight!”

“Good girl!” Her father nodded approvingly . “A couple should be able to discuss everything! You check with him later on his plan!”

Listening at one side, her uncle agreed . “Yes, it’ll be good to find an auspicious date to hold the engagement . This will be an assurance for you!”