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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:31 PM
Chapter 1682
Chapter 1682: Chairman Mu’s Job Inspection

“I’ll find a chance to learn more from her another day! If given the chance, I’ll go into acting, too! Who knows? I may get famous one day . By then, I’ll be rolling in dough, stay in a big mansion, and drive a Benz!”

Caught in her daydream, Yun Qinli roared in laughter . She continued to let her imagination run wild .

Yun Qingmiao threw a pillow at her . “That’s enough! Go sort out your clothes now!”

After the shareholders’ meeting at Disheng and an international video conference with the US division’s technical department in his office, Mu Yazhe made his way over to Huanyu in his car .

Qin Zhou, who had just ended a meeting, bumped into him right then .

“Chairman Mu?!”

He could not help feeling surprised and puzzled to see him here . He stood tall on his feet at once and conscientiously greeted, “Hello, sir!”

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What in the world brought this distinguished and esteemed guest here?

Ever since the Mu Group bought over Huanyu, this big boss had rarely made his appearance in the company .

All of this entertainment company’s affairs were handled by several other higher-ups .

It was bizarre to see him here today!

Why did this busy big boss have the time to tour the place today?

Was he here for a job inspection?

Hiding his small thoughts to himself, the agent respectfully smiled at the man . “He he! Did you come all the way here for a job inspection?”

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The latter stood before him with a hand in his pants’ pocket and another naturally on his side . Behind him, however, was a crowd of impeccably attired people, and standing even further back was a group of this entertainment company’s top management filled with fear and trepidation .

His surprise visit to Huanyu’s headquarters had apparently caught them all off guard . Hence, they were nervously following behind him as they exchanged dreadful glances with one another .

What brought him here?

The man glanced at the ace manager . “Are you busy?”

“No! I just ended a meeting moments ago!” The latter paused for a while and then smiled . “May I ask what’s the purpose of your visit here, sir?”

“Show me Yun Shishi’s work schedule!”

His smiling face stiffened at that . Having a general understanding of his purpose of visit, he respectfully invited him inside his office .

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As the big boss sat on the sofa, the office’s doorway was lined with a row of people . Among them, several Huanyu higher-ups stepped forward and were about to open their mouths when he coldly waved them off . “Return to your work!”

“Alright… Sir, do you have any other orders?!”

The leader of the pack put on a flattering look on his face .

He frowned and gave the guy a side-eye . “Don’t you understand my words?”

“Yes, yes! I understand! I’ll head back to work now and not disturb you!”

With that, everyone at the doorway scattered, leaving it deserted .

Qin Zhou took out a stack of documents and spread them on the table in front of the man; the latter casually picked one up and went through it . His eyes gleamed coldly .

The shuffling sound of papers could be heard when he tossed the document away and snow-white sheets scattered to the ground like snowflakes .

The manager stiffened in shock .

“Why did you pack her schedule so full?”

The disgruntled man glared at him and, in an icy tone, chided, “No wonder she’s especially busy recently, spending a fortnight with the production team . Need you pack her schedule so full?!”

The agent bowed his head in remorse and tacit understanding .

The big boss was obviously sexually frustrated!


“Cancel her useless projects . ”