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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:35 PM
Chapter 1681
Chapter 1681: She seems to be rich .

Xiang Yu’s face turned into an embarrassing shade of purple, too .

She did not expect themselves to be humiliated by her niece .

Yun Shishi plastered a smile on her face and said, “I still have something on, so I need to leave now . I’ll see you again . ”

With that, she turned to leave .

Just as she stepped out of the door, Yun Qingmiao rushed out from the bedroom and yanked her arm, frantically crying out, “Cousin… Cousin, is my luggage in your car?”

“I don’t have your luggage in there . ” The latter cocked a brow in puzzlement . “What’s wrong now?”

“I’m missing a piece of luggage, but I’m unsure where I’ve placed it . ”

Hearing that, Yun Qinli became distressed, too . “Ah! Is it that black luggage bag of yours?”

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“Yes . ”

“My wallet is in there! There’s two thousand yuan in cash inside!”

The older one was so frantic that she was on the verge of tears . “Not only that; my wallet and clothes are in there, too!”

As she spoke, she agitatedly paced back and forth .

“Did I bring it with me when I was visiting that rental house earlier?”

“No… Did you leave it at the hotel?”

She pleaded, “Cousin, can you take me back to the hotel to search for it?”

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Yun Shishi replied, “I have something on later . ”

There was no way was she going to meddle in their affairs . Plus, she did not have the time to spare, too .

She, therefore, took out a name card from her wallet and handed it to her older cousin with a perfectly elegant smile . “Here’s the hotel address; you can take a cab there . ”

The other woman stiffened . “Can’t you take me there? Taking a cab is expensive . ”

“It’s cheaper than the cost of my fuel . ” She frowned . “I don’t have any more cash on me . All my money has been used to pay for your house lease . Surely, settling the cab fare by yourself isn’t much of a problem?”

She then turned to bid her aunt goodbye and left with her assistant without so much of a backward glance .

The moment the door closed, Yun Qingmiao flew into a rage .

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“How stingy could she get?! Why’s she feeling the pinch for that measly fuel cost when she’s driving a Benz?! What a miser!”

Her younger sister was enraged, too . “What a character that cousin of ours is! Regardless of anything else, she’s driving a luxury car that’s worth a million yuan, at least . How could she be so stingy over that bit of fuel money? Does she even see us as her family?!”

Xiang Yu: “That’s enough! Quit it! Go pack your rooms first; we’ll talk about the other matters later!”

She was obviously infuriated as well . She walked over to the sofa near her and picked up the lease contract to take a look at the details .

A year of house rent was all paid for in advance .

Her impression of this niece changed for the better .

It looks like… that lass has quite a lot of cash on hand, huh?

She paid tens of thousands in one shot without so much of a blink of her eyes . It seems that she’s pretty rich!

While sorting out their clothes in the bedroom, the pair of sisters began gossiping . “Qinli, did you hear what Shishi’s friend said earlier? She seems to have let it slip that our cousin is part of a production team!”

“I heard that, too, sis! Say; do you think our cousin is an actress?”

“I suspect so! Look; she’s so generous in spending her money, behaving like a rich woman . I’m sure she got quite a lot of it! I heard that acting is a money-making career! Once you are famous, you can make millions just from shooting a commercial!”

The younger one became flabbergasted . “Is that true?”

“Of course! When have I ever lied to you?” She snorted and shot her sister a side-eye . “Everything I’ve said is the truth!”