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Published at 25th of July 2020 10:30:09 PM
Chapter 1668: 1668

She was in such a good mood that she responded, “Same to you!”

 The man’s face grew colder, and he threw her a frosty glare .

 This woman was hopelessly stupid, and he was hopelessly in love with her .

 The two red booklets were handed to her .

 She flipped open the booklet to check out their marriage certificate . In the picture, the two of them, in their white outfits, were grinning slightly as they looked at the camera . Both were leaning against each other .

 As she stared at the photo, her lips curled into an effortless smile . Her mood was lifted high like a hot-air balloon .

 I’m married!

 We’re married!

 On the 25th of December 2016, she had given herself to him in marriage!

 1She was still lost in her light-heartedness as she walked out of the government building .

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 She waved the red booklet before his eyes like a merry little kid . “We’re married!”

 He watched her with loving tenderness, his lips curved into a smile . “Eh! I know . ”

 “Mu Yazhe, look; our photo!” She flipped open the booklet and flashed their picture to him . Smiling adorably, she asked, “Do you think we look compatible together?”

 He chuckled helplessly . “Women are so temperamental!”

 Puzzled, she lost her smile somewhat as she asked, “Why do you say that?”

 He replied, “You were so unwilling on our way to the marriage registration counter earlier, yet you can be so happy now!”

 She refuted, “Hey, I wasn’t unwilling earlier! You were so abrupt when you dragged me to the bureau without even a heads-up early this morning! I would’ve taken this for a dream if it had not been for the early morning sunrays stinging my eyes then!”

 He pinched her cheek so hard that she squirmed in pain; her eyebrows knitted tightly .

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 “It’s painful… What are you doing?”

 “Can you feel the pain?”

 “Of course; that’s nonsense!”

 His smile deepened . “Do you believe that you’re not dreaming now, then?”

 She beamed, looked at him straight, and reached out for his shoulders .

 He was so tall that she had to stand on her tiptoe to hug him .

 “I feel so good!”

 Leaning into his embrace, she muttered something that made him want to laugh and cry at the same time . “Now I’m no longer driving without a license!”

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 This silly woman can only be romantic for three seconds at most!

 Regardless, he liked her just the way she was!

 Once they were inside the car, she showed her palm to him . “Give it to me . ”

 He glanced coldly at her before taking out his wallet and passing several bank cards to her at once .

 She looked at him, wide-eyed . “What are you doing?!”

 He replied without the slightest hesitation . “Giving my bank cards to you . ”

 “You’re responsible for the daily expenses . ”

 “Can you… not be so self-conscious?”

 She was astounded by his worldly sense .

 His mind was only on money!

 What a money junkie!

 He could not resist being a wet blanket . “What do you want, then?”

 She rolled her eyes at him . “I’m asking for your ID, of course!”

 Oh, so she wasn’t asking for my bank cards?

 He gave her a quizzical look, which, to her, seemed to hint at her stupidity, instead .

 “Your look is humiliating . ” She cautioned him deliberately .

 Ignoring her words, he merely opened his wallet again and passed his identification card to her .

 She carefully tugged at his sleeve and asked, looking rather embarrassed, “Hubby, what’s the PIN?”